Potential areas of need for volunteer / open source developers to contribute

Greetings all,

I was recently in an unrelated conversation with one of your employed developers, and they mentioned some recent openings, specifically here: https://opencraft.com/jobs/open-source-developer/ . I’ve been working somewhere under the title of full-stack developer for ~ six years, usually with some mix of HPC administration as well, with either in house or cloud backends. (Flask, ansible, aws or oracle). So this type of opening seemed potentially like a close fit. However, I am currently employed full-time and also working through a masters program, so I wouldn’t be ready to switch to a new fulltime role right away.

However, I was still somewhat curious about the offerings of opencraft and what the position would entail, should it still be available in the future. I thought a decent way to get an idea would involve doing a few volunteer contributions on some of your open-source projects. Could anyone here recommend specific issues or feature requests that might be mutually beneficial for me to contribute to as a introduction?

Appreciate your time reading, and have an awesome day!


Hello @Rboreal_Frippery and thanks for reaching out!

Contributions to Open edX are always welcome, and that community is growing and learning how to better support itself. The best place to ask and find answers to questions about that is discuss.openedx.org. Most edX repos have a CONTRIBUTING file, see e.g. https://github.com/edx/edx-platform/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.rst. A good place to start with contributing there is the Byte-sized bugs.

Your contributions to Open edX or any open source project would definitely be taken into account if you decided to apply for a job with OpenCraft. Our Handbook is probably the best place to start to find out about us and how we structure our work and teams.

Hope you can find some time among your other commitments to get involved, and please check back with us again if you are looking for another role. We’re growing, so are usually hiring :smiley:


Hi @Rboreal_Frippery!

Let me second Jill in thanking you for taking the initiative like this. It’s a big part of why we like doing things in the open: to encourage the community to show up. :slight_smile:

So, to add to the list of newcomer-friendly stuff you can start contributing, we (the Open edX community, as opposed to just OpenCraft) are particularly interested in getting documentation contributions. We had a “doc-a-thon” that ended a few days ago, but the information in the link is still valid, and we’re still looking for contributors in the areas identified there. It would also be a good way for you to start familiarizing yourself, in small chunks, with the (rather large) Open edX codebase.

Welcome to the forum!


@Rboreal_Frippery Great initiative to come here and ask, as well as to start by contributing - kudos! :slight_smile:

Btw, definitely link to your contributions when/if you apply, and to this thread, so we can remember that you did this when we review it.

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Thank you all for the wonderful welcome and kind words.

@jill, the list of small tasks is very helpful, I will begin looking through that list first to get an idea of your workflows. I See that slack also looks to be the preferred chat service, which might prove more helpful for me in these early stages.

Again, I appreciate the outreach and suggestions; I will be looking to join in shortly.