PR sandboxes on Grove

Hey @team ,

We started to serve PR sandboxes on the DigitalOcean cluster we have. How it works? If you are in the open-craft/core or open-craft/new-members-candidates teams (i.e. 99% sure you are in one of the repos), if you are opening a PR for openedx/edx-platform repository, we automatically (within 15 minutes) create a sandbox for you.

Soon, we will allow the PR commenting feature as well, so you will be getting notifications on the PRs when a sandbox state is changing (i.e. deployment started, succeeded, or failed – the latter has a build log attached as well).

Although this is done, there are a few PRs that were having issues to build. Mostly because of rebasing is needed. Please follow up on those PRs:

  • PR 29850
  • PR 31794
  • PR 32406
  • PR 33555

The following are still building:

  • PR 33310
  • PR 27788

I did not kill the VM based sandboxes yet. Some of you may have been experimenting something manually and I do not want to mess that up. However, having two sandboxes are resource consuming. Therefore, I’ll destroy every VM based PR sandboxes in SE.312.

If you have a sandbox running in Ocim, please terminate it. I already turned off PR sandbox creation for Ocim, so we are not generating work for ourselves.


Done, so the new deployments will have comments. (some from @kaustav as we forgot to replace his key, and some from an opencraft grove “bot” user – as we recognized the key is not replaced and we replaced it :sweat_smile: )