Proposal: Making DeathStar sprint planning Async

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When Deathstar was formed, we began having synchronous meetings to plan the sprints, and we didn’t have a social chat for ourselves.

These days we’ve got our process down smoothly, and while I certainly enjoy the sprint meetings, they are at odds with our general aim of making sure team members do not have to keep specific schedules.

We also have the odd feature of posting sprint update videos that mostly feature what we talked about in our synchronous meetings, meaning we’re doing DOUBLE the meeting work at present in order to make sure the team at large is updated.

We already plan the intermediate sprints (ours are one week long verses the two week dev sprints) asynchronously. I’d like to propose we go all the way and eliminate the planning meeting, planning all of our sprints asynchronously.

We don’t have all the automations as the dev teams, but this is not a big issue in practice. It only takes a few minutes to roll the sprint over manually for me (and will be much the same for whoever takes sprint rollovers after me).

@tikr @cassie @Ali @DouglasDraper @gabriel , what do you think? Are we ready to go full async for planning?


@Fox works for me :+1: we can always see each other at the social chat every two weeks : )

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@Fox Makes sense to me :slight_smile:

Suggestion: can we move our social chat to an earlier slot then?

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@Fox Sounds good to me too :+1:

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@Fox This makes sense to me. I’ll be in Sri Lanka for 6 months from mid-July, so the time difference would make the meetings difficult for me to attend anyway. I will hop on to the social chat from time to time to see everyone’s faces (except for yours and Hunter’s which will no longer be there :crying_cat_face:).


Yes, potentially, if it works for others. I could attend it if it were up to an hour and a half earlier, though not earlier than that. If that time works for others (or any time between) I’m happy to move it :slight_smile:


That would work for me :+1:

Works for me as well :+1:

I’m good with Fox’s suggestion and okay for an earlier social chat if that works better for folks.

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