Raises for 2021

Hi team,

In @antoviaque’s absence, I’m happy to announce that the team-wide raise for core team members in 2022 will be 10% :tada:

If you would like to refresh your memory on how raises work at OpenCraft, you can read the handbook section on team compensation — also feel free to ask any question.

We reviewed the numbers from 2021, and we were glad to determine that we could afford yet another generous raise this year.

Is there anything I need to do?

No. Raises apply automatically from January onwards – I’ve updated the rates now, and therefore your new rate should appear on your upcoming invoice in February. It is based on your previous hourly rate plus the raise %, rounded to the nearest integer. If there is something wrong when you review your next invoice, let me know.


  • Core team members get a 10% raise.

  • As previously discussed in a compensation-related thread a few months ago, core team members who joined the company since 2016 with a rate lower than the current minimum rate will have their rate increased following this calculation: 2022 rate = 35*(1.1)^n – with ‘n’ being the number of full calendar years completed since you joined. This means we increase your starting rate to €35 and retroactively apply successive yearly raises. Thanks again to @antoviaque for this adjustment!

  • Another addition this year is that new core team members who haven’t yet completed a full calendar year in the company will now also get a raise, the percentage of which is proportional to the number of months completed as of Jan 1st, 2022.

Kudos and Thank You

I would like to say kudos and a huge thank you to everybody on the team for their outstanding work, and for their constant effort and commitment — we work hard, and we work well. I say: well-deserved! :partying_face:

Questions? Comments?

Please don’t hesitate to reply here with any questions or comments you might have – this is a public thread. Also feel free to reach out to me in case you want to discuss anything in private.


Woo! Thank you, @antoviaque! I’m proud of this team and all we’ve accomplished-- and excited for what we’ll continue to do together!


Wow! What a nice announcement to start my day with! Thank you @antoviaque and kudos to the team!

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Kudos to the team and thank you @antoviaque :slight_smile:

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@gabriel Thank you for taking care of calculating and applying the rates, as well as posting about this here! It’s nice to be able to give a large raise again this year. :)

It’s not completely reasonable business-wise, as there are heavy tax risks weighting on OpenCraft currently, and between the 10% and the increased minimum rate, that’s a pretty substantial amount to support. But it has been a difficult year, so I wanted us to still do something significant.

Thanks for all the good work! : )


This awesome! :rocket:
Kudos to the team that made this possible. Thank you @antoviaque! :grin:

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Wow, that’s great news for the whole team! Thanks :)

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Thank you for the generous raise @antoviaque!

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Thank you so much @antoviaque ! And huge kudos to everyone for their hard work in 2021.

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Great news, thanks @antoviaque and the brilliant team :heart:

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That’s great; thanks for the 3 changes done this year, which seem to make it fairier to more people. And the raise beats inflation.
I hope this year will be a good and sustainable one.


Thanks a lot, @antoviaque and to the amazing OpenCraft team. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @antoviaque! This is great news :slight_smile:

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That is great news @antoviaque :slight_smile:!

That’s an incredibly generous increment for me.

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Thank you so much @antoviaque and thank you to everyone in the team ! This is incredible !! :smiley: