Raises for 2023

I have completed the accounting for 2023 - it will still have to be cross-checked with the results the accountants get, but - good news! - it shows an improvement over last year, we are now close to be back to break even. Over the year, the cash flow was still slightly negative, but we are nearly there – and that, despite having invested in some areas, like recruiting to be able to accept new projects again, and product management / UX. We’ll have to keep pushing for sustainability in 2024, but kudos for all the work done to improve it already, it makes a big difference. :+1:

Now, for 2024, to get a balanced budget with the client commitments we currently have, we would need to not do any raises and keep the presence minimal at the conference. Gladly though, there are enough reserves to be able to decide either way anyway (and no shareholders to tell me which way to choose :stuck_out_tongue: ) - so I’m opting to give a 5% raise this year, and keep the full team presence at the conference. We will need to get new clients and contracts to pay for this, but I’m betting we can increase our overall client work this year.

With the latest changes on 2U’s side, and the general economic circumstances – the project, the company and the community are at a crossroad. Depending on how we act now, it could go either downhill, or mark another important step for the project: becoming more fully community-run, with a higher elephant factor, and benefiting from the effects of better open source practices. We’ll have a role to play in this, so imho it makes sense to invest now in the team, and in the project. Economic downturns come and go (hopefully!) - but ultimately, further growth will come from the team, and from the project’s ability to meet the demands of clients.

@gabriel Do you think you would have time to update everyone’s rate in the billing system before the January invoices are generated? This way the raises will apply from January 1st. If not let me know, I’ll take care of it.

Comments and questions welcomed.



@antoviaque that’s great news, and thank you for sharing the reasoning behind your approach. It does indeed seem like we’re facing a crucial phase in the project, and with your backing I’m confident that we can increase our efforts and navigate the path ahead successfully, steering things in the right direction both company-wise and project-wise.

I’ll update the rates by the end of the week, no problem.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


@antoviaque This is wonderful news! I’m glad this was able to happen-- I had thought that it wouldn’t, so it’s a very nice surprise to find the wiggle room.

I’ll be working hard to make sure we fill that gap-- I think this is going to be a very good year for us, if early indications are correct, and we make good use of this time. :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful news on all fronts - the company, the raises, and having the whole team at the conference. Thanks @antoviaque for this decision, and thanks to everyone on the team who helped make it possible :) Here’s hoping for an even more successful 2024 for OpenCraft and Open edX!


This made me laugh :smiley:

Thank you, @antoviaque , for your generosity and optimism!


Thanks @antoviaque and kudos to everyone for their hard work and dedication to improving our sustainability. Looking forward to another year of growth and collaboration! :rocket:


Thank you @antoviaque! I can’t wait to see the growth in 2024. Good job team :slight_smile:


I am happy that we can get near sustainability I remember I was a little worried last year, looking at the sustainability number but this does sound like a celebration for the team. Thanks a lot @antoviaque for the raise. I would also like to thank @tikr for helping the company with sustainability. :slight_smile:


This is great news! Thanks @antoviaque. I’m excited to see where 2024 takes us.

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This is great news @antoviaque, thank you! :+1: Looking forward to seeing what 2024 will bring.

And thanks @farhaan for the shout-out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here here! :raised_hands: Without @tikr 's efforts, we wouldn’t have such great visibility into OpenCraft’s sustainability.


This is good news indeed! Thanks @antoviaque!

I’ll :+1: the shout-out to @tikr and the outstanding work he’s doing!

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@jill @kshitij Thank you! <3