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We have successfully delegated most of the recruitment steps to the recruitment managers (kudos @usman @sid @paulo for the smooth takeover! :slight_smile: ). We are now recruiting continuously, and with several newcomers hired on most of each weekly recruitment iteration – which is great, as this was the upper bound of my output when I was doing it alone. But it looks the number of newcomers we need now outpaces the rate at which good candidatures are received.

So, since we now have a greater capacity for both reviewing new candidates, and for welcoming newcomers, it’s time to look at expanding a bit the sourcing of candidates.

Currently we post in every month in:

  • Hacker News
  • Stack Overflow
  • We Work Remotely
  • Open edX forums (occasionally)

I have started listing a few additional boards, to which I’ll be posting the job ad over the next few weeks, to evaluate the quantity and quality of the additional candidates we can get there – I’ve focused on the remote worker boards:

Anything else that you think would be worth considering? An additional way to get ideas would be to consider where you would look for a job, besides the boards listed above.

PS: If you know anyone who could be good to join the team, or have a way to relay the ad somewhere where there could be good developers, don’t hesitate!

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Although I don’t like it, I know many developers looking for remote jobs checking Would we like to add that to the list too?

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@gabor Yes, I don’t like those very broad job boards either – we could consider it, but I wonder if the right type of developers would be looking there, though? Does any of us really use those?

I’ve used it when looking for contracts before, so I do think it should be considered.

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@antoviaque Thanks! This is definitely needed.

A few other boards worth checking out:

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@gabor @Fox @usman Thank you! I’ll try adding Indeed, and Hiretechladies over the next few weeks, we’ll see what we get from those already.

Btw, I have just posted the job offer on Hacker News – one way to help to make it more visible is to go upvote it. I won’t link directly to it to not end up triggering the anti-spammer filters, but if you are a Hacker News user, search for “OpenCraft” in the " Who is hiring?" thread that’s on the homepage every first day of the month, and upvote it if you think it deserves it. :) I post it there every month.

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How about checking out and other reddit threads as well? Also, we could consider Twitter too. These are not job portals at all, but hiring threads and tweets are usually getting attraction there.

Here are some platforms I know could be interesting to post to (I don’t know if they are paid):

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@gabor @raul Thank you for the additional suggestions! We are already on Django Jobs, but I haven’t considered the other ones yet, they seem like good places to try. Feel free to post there already if you have time as part of this sprint’s task, ortherwise I’ll incorporate them progressively in the new list of sites on which I test posting – every week I usually try a new one.

@antoviaque Sure, I’ll post on Reddit tomorrow :blush:

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@antoviaque The post is shared :rocket: :blush:

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I came across on Hacker News today. It’s “a job board exclusively for paid free & open source jobs”. Could be a good fit for posting the OC job ad?


@anon46505572 Yup! Thank you for mentioning it. It’s actually already in the list of boards we regularly post to : )

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