Recruitment - Share job ad with our netwoks

I’ve shared a personalized post on my LinkedIn. And shared that post on some local Python, Django groups on Facebook.

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I don’t use most social medias either… but I’ve upvoted our ad on StackOverflow, posted on LinkedIn, and sent our ad to a couple individuals I think would be interested. Will continue thinking about other places/people to contact.

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I’ve shared the ad on LinkedIn, and had a brief call with a developer friend who knows a lot of developers. He said he’d pass the ad around.

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I upvoted the HN post.
I don’t have social networks accounts, or much social life in general (lately), and I already shared the offer with the few developers I know. I never post on LinkedIn.
Since I can’t share it much more, I’ll add some comments.

I think the job offer is posted in the right places. Someone looking for Python jobs, or remote jobs, will visit some places where it’s listed.

The job post is very generic and open when compared to other companies’ posts that define very sharply their product or the 1 role they’re hiring for. This difference is ok, as long as the post catches interest.

The application form has been greatly improved and includes all details missing from the job post; for instance, when I shared this offer with others a few months ago, I was asked about compensation levels, and this is now mentioned in the form.
Two comments:

  • I worry about the phrase We belong to self-organized teams, so management doesn’t interfere with our day-to-day responsibilities and leadership is situational since it’s a bit mysterious to an outsider (maybe they should read the handbook to understand what it means and whether it’s good or bad). In addition I disagree that management doesn’t interfere; in fact it permeates all work, day-to-day. It may even be better to say that if accepted, „managing“ (projects, clients, time, roles, …) is expected and required.
    • (As always, I have more related comments, but I’ll keep this post short. It may be more interesting to get feedback from people going through the hiring process, to see whether the job matches what they expected)
  • The post and the form may be understating that the work you’ll do is about Open edX (mainly). The form doesn’t even mention it. It mentions that We are one of the main contributors to the Open edX project, and The Open edX project is a large Python/Django codebase […] and [We are] working on educational and community-based projects, but a job offer should hint at what the applicant will be doing, and the current form isn’t including or excluding any particular option. The fact that the work is about Open edX makes the job more interesting (to some of us), and it may shift the balance towards OpenCraft when a person is considering other options.

I think a next level in hiring would be to convince people who are working for other companies, to leave and switch to OpenCraft if they see that it’s better.
The current conditions don’t make it easy at all: you are „accepted“ at OpenCraft, you leave your old job, then OpenCraft tests you in 2 weeks and 2 months, and many don’t pass the test and can’t return to the old job. In addition you’re left with a 2-year non-compete clause.
I don’t see how to improve that, since there’s always some risk when changing jobs.
It would be interesting to do the experiment of actively contacting employed people to switch to OpenCraft, and seeing/understanding/reflecting about why they don’t; but this is recruiting and takes a lot of work. I wonder whether it brings better skills (there’s no guarantee that a person working in another company will be a match). Anyway, we could improve the hiring process to make it more forgiving, e.g. by providing some more match-guarantees like what the current form does: see for example the Open edX release issues, fixing one of these issues guarantees an interview.

By the way, I hope someone is also reviewing the Who wants to be hired threads in HN and contacting people there; there are so many profiles of people who match the offer. And we can’t reject them for not having actively applied earlier; time is limited and there are many offers. I didn’t find an explicit JIRA task to do contact them.

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I have shared openings on LinkedIn and Twitter. Upvoted the post on HN and shared it in local dev mailing lists and as well as a few IRC channels that I am in.

I have also upvoted SO Job openings as well. Had a talk with few developer friends and asked them to apply as well.

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I upvoted the post in HN, shared the job post in some local community listings (slack, university mailing lists). I also recommended some platforms in Recruitment boards - #10 by raul

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  • Updated the HN post
  • Share the job ad on Linkedin
  • Tweet about the job ad
  • Upvote the job ad on Stackoverflow
  • Trying to reach friends who might be interested
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I upvoted the job ad on HN and Stack Overflow and asked a few ex colleagues if they were interested.

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  • Send a message to some friends
  • Upvote on stackoverflow and hacker news
  • Share on Linkedin
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I don’t really use social media anymore, but I posted the ad on both LinkedIn and Facebook.

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I posted on Linkedin, and send the job ads to a few developer groups I’m in.

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I posted the job ad on my Linkedin account, BangPypers (Bangalore Python Users group), ILUGC (Indian Linux Users Group - Chennai) mailing lists, and a couple of developer communities on Slack, Telegram that I am a part of.

I also upvoted our job posting ads on StackOverflow and Hacker News Who’s hiring thread.

  • Upvoted the StackOverflow post
  • Posted on LinkedIn
  • Invited a friend for a small talk (honestly) praising OpenCraft
  • tried to look out for other places we could use for posting ads (like reddit or twitter as alternatives)

(I had to stop with the ticket as I got a discovery duty task to deliver in time)

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Thanks a lot for all the actions taken already :slight_smile:

On my side I have:

  • Registered for a hiring event next Wednesday (I’m actually looking for help with this! See below.)
  • Shared on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Got a friend to forward the job ad on a few women-specific developer communities and bootcamps
  • Got a few additional pointers to minorities communities from another friend, who posted on the signal group from and I posted to 📌 Opportunity Board - Sustain Open Source Forum (currently in the moderation queue)
  • I’ve also reached out to Recurse Center / Hacker School where I’m an alumni, to see if we can find people from there
  • I’ve signed a contract with two recruiters now, who have started looking for candidates for us
  • Plus the usual weekly actions: reposting the ad, and trying a new job board:

Help needed! Hiring event on Wednesday

I’ll be joining this hiring event (Wed June 16th), for the alumni of two bootcamp programs: Hackbright (focused on women) and DevMountain (more generalistic). Bootcamps provide very junior developers, but this also includes alumnis from the past few years, so some of them will have become more senior in the meantime.

They ask to come as a team, so it would be great to have at least 2-3 additional people besides me – so that it’s not just a manager coming there. :) If you are willing to join, please add yourself to the event I’ve added to the OpenCraft calendar, so I can check that we are enough people.

@daniel Thanks for the additional comments about the job ad – I’ve saved them for the next pass on it.

For actively looking for people rather than letting them apply, that’s actually the main use case that we have discussed with the two recruiters – they go through public profiles like github, and check if there are people with contributions who could be interested. That said, going through the HN thread “Who wants to be hired” is a great idea – since you’ve already noticed some profiles who could be interested, would you like to write to them? :)

  • Posted to LinkedIn (heads-up, you can make that post featured in your public profile);
  • Upvoted the StackOverflow job ad;
  • Sent directly to 12 ex-colleagues from university and previous jobs (using personal messenger);
  • I don’t do HackerNews, developer groups, or other social networks;
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Posted on LinkedIn (following @paulo’s suggestion of featuring it), upboated the HN post (that thread is BIG, damn), upboated the SO ad.

The one ex-colleague I have that I know would be a good match for OpenCraft I already ask constantly, so not much more to do there.

Oh, and I invited myself to the Wednesday event.

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Upvoted the job ad on HackerNews and Stack Overflow. Reposted Gabriel’s post on my LinkedIn and asked a few ex colleagues and friends if they were interested.

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I’m not on LinkedIn and my use of social media is minimal. So I:

  • Upvoted the job ad on HN.
  • Upvoted the job ad on Stack Overflow.
  • Asked a friend to forward the ad via jobs mailing lists from my previous university.
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  • Shared Gabriel’s post on LinkedIn (and got a badge for the first post there).
  • Upvoted HN ad.
  • Upvoted SO ad.
  • Posted an ad on the biggest Polish programming forum.
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I don’t have many contacts or circles, so I:

  • Posted on LinkedIn
  • Upvoted the job ad on StackOverflow
  • Encouraged a few of my friends to learn python and apply
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