Reminder About Incident Handling Docs

A significant amount of effort in OpenCraft is invested into finding new members to join. Fortunately, our team is growing because some of those awesome members eventually make it as core members.

Onboarding is, unfortunately, one of the tough things in OpenCraft. There are a lot of docs to help out and guide members during different processes; however, it’s not always easy to find what you need.

Since firefighting and handling incidents can be a little bit stressful when flames start crashing down, I wanted to take the time to remind the @team of our private documentation, specifically the “Oh shit, ____!” incident handling guide.

The next time a fire takes place, have no fear :fire_extinguisher:

You already have your own firefighting kit available, for any situation you can imagine, surprisingly, even the literal OVH fire which took place a while ago.

[ Log Time on SE-4712 ]


Thanks for this reminder @nizar ! Fighting fires as a remote team is pretty stressful, especially the first few times, and it’s good to remember that we have a lot of cases documented already.

Private docs are also published formatted and searchable here: