Reminder for members to adjust their sprint planning hours as necessary

Hello @serenity! In the last couple of sprints, I’ve been noticing a decrease in the sprint planning that’s been happening.

Previously, we used to have all tickets ready for next sprint Monday morning, UTC time. However, lately things have been pushed off until later during Monday, which doesn’t give any time for any asynchronous pings or back-and-forths.

Now that’s expected, because many of us are dealing with larger loads because of the current low number of core members in the cell…However, a poorly planned sprint will result in a poorly planned sprint after that, and so on.

This post is mostly a reminder for members to reserve more time for their sprint planning, in case they need to. Each serenity member has a recurring Sprint Planning ticket in order to reserve any additional time in your sprint which you might need in order to prepare your sprint.

Please note that this time might not necessary be needed every sprint and is there to be adjusted as you find appropriate (within reason). For example, I might be overloaded the previous sprint, so I reserve additional time in my recurring ticket for the next sprint to ensure that I can recover from what happened in the previous sprint and get my recurring Sprint Planning ticket’s estimate back to normal.

Accordingly, if you haven’t had the chance to catch-up properly with the Sprint Planning Checklist throughout your sprint, I strongly advise that you increase your Sprint Planning time estimate.

I’ll give a chance for members to self-manage their own time commitment to Sprint Planning for this sprint and the next one. I’ll also be keeping a good eye on the Sprint Planning Checklists in order to verify that they are on-top of your Sprint Planning responsibilities.

I will need to make the necessary changes to your recurring Sprint Planning ticket’s time estimate by SE.256 in case I notice you’re still struggling with Sprint Planning by then.

I’ll also take this opportunity to hear any criticism you might have for Serenity’s Sprint Planning. So please leave them below :smiley:


This is a good reminder for @falcon too, but I’m not sure how we’re doing on our checklists. But I don’t think we even have tasks to block out time for sprint management? Feel free to create recurring tasks and use them to manage your sprint.