Rethinking Sprint Planning Evaluation and Retrospective Process with

Approximately a sprint or two ago, we started using for our asynchronous sprint planning process. Alongside the sprint planning checklist, some measures were taken to try and move the Sprint Evaluations (sprint check-up form) and the Sprint Retrospectives to as well.

Unfortunately, after a small discussion on Tutorial: Getting to Know the New Sprint Evaluation & Retrospective Process and some help from other OpenCraft members, we discovered that some changes and improvements need to be done.

Accordingly, a new ticket was scheduled for this sprint to discuss the current processes and the new processes for Sprint Evaluation and Retrospective with Sustainability Managers and Sprint Managers.

A recording of a zoom call is added below. It’s a 30 minute call starting off with a 14 min recap of the discussion with Sustainability Managers, and the rest of the call is the discussion with Sprint Managers.

However, here’s a quick recap for anyone who would prefer to directly jump into the conversation, instead:

Call with Sustainability Managers

Participants: @daniel, @guruprasad, @raul

Outcome: Stick with Google Forms for Sprint Evaluations

Main Points:

  • The current implementation connects Sprint Evaluation (sprint checkup) form with the Sprint Retrospectives; however, they shouldn’t be related.
    The sprint evaluation or sprint checkup form is a self-evaluation form related to stress and personal issues. Meanwhile, the sprint retrospective is regarding improvements that can be done to OpenCraft.
    Since sprint evaluations should be private, they shouldn’t be collected in the same form.
  • exports data as Excel and not CSV makes the new process less useful
  • For the new process to be an improvement over Google Forms, a lot of automation needs to be done. The sustainability managers are already satisfied with the process and the manual work. Also, reasonable automation will still require manual work; and fully automating things will require a lot of hours, which is not worth it for now.

Call with Sprint Managers

Participants: @giovannicimolin, @mtyaka, @pooja

Outcome: Check if fully automating the process is possible

Main Points:

  • Keeping discussions on will not help with discoverability of the discussions. So it’s important to continue to utilize the forum for discussions.
  • Moving the retrospective over to doesn’t make much of a difference if the process isn’t fully automated.
  • Possible solution is to fully automate it by utilizing to collect the sprint retrospectives, vote on the sprint retrospectives, and automatically post the top 3 or 5 points onto the forum.

Based on that information, do you agree with the outcomes of the meeting? Or do you have any suggestions that weren’t considered or mentioned?

Quick final note: thanks to everyone who already participated with the calls or the discussions on the forum!

[ Log Time on SE-4108 ]



Since we’ve done some automation with now, do we have an estimate for how long this proposal would take to build? It’d be easier to asses its value if we had an idea of how many hours it would cost.


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I appreciate you taking the time to check the meeting and reply!

I’m sorry I took so long to reply!

Yeah, there’s a chance we won’t have budget for it, in the meantime, unfortunately. We’re still having issues with the normal sprint planning checklists, and @gabor and I haven’t had the chance yet to resolve that.

We’re going to have to give the epic away to a different cell. It seems like @demid in bebop is the best next assignee for the Sprint Planning Checklist Automation epic. So, hopefully, he’d be able to include this in a discovery for when he takes ownership of the epic in the sprint of SE.244.

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