Roadmap of Grove to use Harmony and beyond

Hello @team,

As Serenity is working on to make Grove a tool that is easy to use, helps the community and OpenCraft as well, we were thinking about how we could integrate with Harmony and make it more stable and vendor-independent (read: no mandatory GitLab).

The discovery is available publicly in a form of a MR. Please read, comment and review the document, so contribute as you wish. Since we have to progress with implementation, a “review cut off deadline” is 8th of December.

Ticket to log time: SE-5971

For those who were out of loop regarding Harmony: It is a Helm chart and Tutor plugin that helps bootstrapping a Kubernetes cluster. Partially covers what Grove does, but it is a community approach led by the major providers in the community – including us, of course. So it is a subset of Grove. Therefore, we could simplify Grove by replacing parts of it with Harmony.