Seeking Maintainers

I’m creating this thread so we can periodically share opportunities for OpenCraft Core Contributors to take maintainership of Open edX-related repos, as part of the Maintainers Pilot (OEP-55). This can be a good way to invest some of your CC hours, and the Community needs it!


The Community is looking for maintainers for the following XBlocks:

See more details at Seeking Maitainers - Maintainers - Open edX discussions. If you’re interested, let Feanil know!

I took these two XBlocks.


@Agrendalath I can help you with the CC work on these xblock when I am back. :slight_smile:

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We’re also looking for maintainers for the following repos:

If you’d like to become a maintainer for one of these repos, ping me here and I’ll liaise with Axim.

@gabriel There were plans to deprecate these repos. Some objections were raised by the community, but from the forum thread it’s not clear to me what the current status is. From your conversations with upstream about the maintainership program, do you happen to know if the decision to deprecate xqueue and xqueue-watcher was reverted?

@tikr huh, I hadn’t seen the DEPR thread, thank you. I was relying on the note from the Phase 3 repo list, where it says in bold that both repos need a maintainer :sweat_smile:

I’ll check with Ed and update as necessary.

Sounds good, thanks :+1:

@tikr you saw Ed’s reply in Slack, but posting it here anyway:

If someone cares about [x-queue and x-queue watcher], they should put their hand up. My belief is that MIT is not migrating their courses that use xqueue on to a new option. Once that’s done, final deprecation and removal could move foward.

So, I don’t think we need to consider maintaining these repos after all.

@gabriel Cool, I’m glad we were able to sort that out and (hopefully) save the team some time :sweat_smile:

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Just wanted to bump this thread. There’s a project to start a maintenance working group. This group isn’t look to do the maintenence per se, but rather help in finding maintainers and coordinating maintenance work.

With the recent restructuring in 2U, a number of repos are likely to need new maintainers and it’s worth following along to see if something catches your eye, or if you think you’d be interested in joining the new working group.