Sprint Planning on Monday.com and Tutorials to Help you with the Move

@Nizar I noticed the “My Week” view (my preferred way of using monday) …

… does not seemed to be functioning correctly. When I mark a task as completed, it does not move to the “Done” section, which makes this view rather useless. :cry: I’d make a guess that this is a bug with using the value “Done or Not Applicable” for the status field.

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@kahlil Thanks for noticing that! I gotchu :wink: :+1:

Small note, the issue was that the Status and the Timeframe columns weren’t connected. They have to be connected in order to properly track your progress and when the task is due.

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Thanks for the quick fix @nizar! Now I can use Monday.com just like Todoist.com:


Whoa! This is muuuuuch better, now! Week view ftw. Thanks @kahlil!

Which has me thinking… Why do we create a new board every week, instead of having recurring tasks?

This would make it even more like Todoist (a good thing, IMHO).

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@adolfo Monday’s automation tools are wonderful and this was considered initially, creating a single board instead of a new one for each sprint.

However, unfortunately, that has it’s own downsides. I can think of the following, right now. But if you think those are not good enough reasons to not move forward with recurring tasks, please let me know, and I’d be happy to remember better ones.

  • It requires manual work to update the checklist with new roles or changes to specific tasks
  • It eliminates the records we keep for each sprint (participants and each participant’s progress in their sprint checklist)

@nizar, thanks! Those downsides are indeed relevant.

On the other hand, the main downside of a new board every week has been the need to update URLs that point to “the current board”. However, since @kahlil found “My Week”, this has solved that particular issue for me. In other words, I don’t feel the need to push for recurring tasks - at least not until some other upside is found. :slight_smile:

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I’m glad there’s a solution for that \o/
Hopefully we can maybe have custom URLs for boards in the new workflow manager we’d create. (cc @Ali @antoviaque)