Sprint Planning on Monday.com and Tutorials to Help you with the Move

Hello @team! We’ve moved the sprint planning checklists to opencraft.monday.com.

All you need to do is sign in with Google through monday.com, and access the sprint planning checklist already assigned to you, CELL.240 FIRSTNAME.

Although the UI is pretty intuitive for checking off your tasks, we’ve created a bunch of tutorial videos to help you with the move :smiley:

Kudos to everyone who contributed in developing the tools that made this possible, ordered starting from the most contributing: @gabor, @Agrendalath, @Fox, @aayush, @s0b0lev

Feel free to leave any questions you have below.

Also, to make it easier, the time logging for watching the tutorials and reading this thread is the same ticket!

[ Log time on SE-4095 ]


Kudos to everyone involved in this work, including and the awesome tutorials!

I’m already loving it :point_up::rofl:

It’s been such a helpful tool on recruitment too. I’m definitely looking forward to moving more of my processes there.


+1 – and I think you can add your name in first position there :slight_smile: Thanks for the great work on this @nizar, and everyone who helped making it happen.


Thanks and Kudos to @nizar, @gabor, @Agrendalath, @fox, @aayush, @s0b0lev for the research, ground work and preparation!

To me it looks like a nice way to do checklisting and generally feels like an overkill if that is the only thing we are going to use this for. Maybe I built up unrealistic levels of hype based on what I kept hearing from various team members :smiley:

I logged into Monday.com for the first time today and watched Nizar’s videos and I haven’t yet had the time to explore, use and experience the web app yet, so please take my comment with a pinch of salt.

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No worries! I hope your experience with it is smooth!

It is definitely an overkill for a checklist, which is why more team members have been utilizing it for different processes/workflows across the company.

Hopefully though, we’ll be able to switch to the workflow manager in a couple of sprints, when it is considered to be “ready”. At the moment, we’re still working on the UX discovery though.

Is it possible to set up monday so that it sends out an email if you miss a deadline on the sprint checklist? Or even better send a reminder a few hours before the deadline if the task isn’t done yet?

I’ve been getting a lot of useless email from monday, but didn’t get any notifications for missing to complete one of the items on time.


@mtyaka that’s a wonderful question! Yeah, if you go to your profile, then the Notifications tab, you should be able to customize what updates get sent to your email.

The one that tells you about the deadlines would be “My Daily Digest”. It sends you an email with the tasks that you have for today and the tasks that you missed. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any help enabling those, then I can prepare a quick tutorial video for enabling the Daily Digest notification setting.


Oh I’m an idiot. I am already subscribed to the daily digest and I did receive it, I just didn’t notice it among marketing emails sent to me by monday at around the same time :man_facepalming:

Thanks a lot, that clears it up! Now I know which emails from monday I shouldn’t ignore.

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Monday.com is a fantastic tool! Huge kudos to everyone for finding and embracing it!

I’m finding the many “Week 1” and “Week 2” groupings a bit cumbersome… Especially the “Monday to Thursday” and “Monday to Friday” distinctions. Since each of these beats also has a Timeline, can we merge them together and just set Timelines to show when they’re expected to be completed?


Yeah, I’m not a fan of these distinctions to be honest. I don’t mind the “Week 1”, “Week 2” groupings though.

Yeah, we have a ticket, BB-3834, which’s scope can be slightly stretched to include that. Otherwise, this can be addressed in a new ticket next sprint :+1:

We might keep the “Week 1”, “Week 2” groupings, for organization though, but it’ll hopefully be easier to find things in a single place now, instead of the previous “By Sunday”, “By Thursday”, etc…

Also, having a small list for each week, can be less “overwhelming”. It would give a sense of “checkpoints”, hopefully, which is why I’m saying that the grouping by weeks might be kept.

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I feel the same, and decided to migrate to the Gannt view with grouping by Role. I’m loving this tool :heart:


Oooo… Gannt chart… That’s brilliant! Thank you for the tip!

I found very little about monday.com in the Handbook and the Onboarding Tutorial. I’m getting the feeling that the team has just recently adopted monday.com. Is that right? In any case, I have a couple questions:

Is monday.com primarily for Sprint managers, or are all team members expected to use it to track their progress and the progress of their cell during a sprint?

How do the Sprint items get updated in monday.com? Has anyone (@nizar ?) already integrated it with Jira so that monday.com gets updated as we log time to Jira tickets and move them through the pipeline?

Yeah that’s correct :+1:

All team members are expected to use it for their sprint planning process in order to guarantee that no member is behind on their commitments which we have towards each other as cell members every sprint.

You get assigned the tasks that are relative to your role in OpenCraft.

We have a template which we update manually. We also have a bot that creates those checklists and assigns them to the different members of a cell, and archives the previous sprint’s checklists.

No, we don’t have any integrations with JIra at the moment. Time logging should be done mainly to your client related tickets.

Hopefully that answers your questions :+1: Let me know please if I missed something!

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Thank you, @nizar! I suppose at some point someone will want to update the Handbook and perhaps Onboarding Coarse. Shall I create placeholder tickets?

Sure, go ahead. :+1: Please note that it’s enough to update the Sprints Process with the information about the asynchronous sprint process (cc @antoviaque). Information on how monday.com exactly fits into that that workflow or process doesn’t have to be explicitly, since it will be replaced soon.

So, providing a good idea about how the asynchronous sprint is will help provide a good idea about the role a specific third party software such as monday.com plays.

Monday is a really nice tool! Thanks a lot for the hard work setting it up. :slight_smile:

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Great tip. Adopted.

Just added issue to repo for updating Process for Sprints page with info on integrating Monday.com.

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Thanks for adding that issue @lawrence :smiley:
I answered on the GitLab issue. Would it be alright if we move the conversation there?