Sprints is hard to Google. Let's give it a new name!

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Hello, @team!

We’re in the process of building out the sprints app for SaaS purposes. The current issue we’re looking at on the marketing side is that ‘Sprints’ is not the most distinct, Googleable name, and we’d like to consider what other names we might call the project.

What names can you come up with for the Sprints app? One I came up with off the top of my head was ‘Scrumtious’, but I’d like to hear other ideas. :slight_smile:

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Sitcking with the Craft theme, perhaps it can be SprintCraft?

  • ScrumCraft, AgileCraft etc
  • RemoteSprintPlanner
  • SprintFromHome
  • AgilePlanner
  • SprintVector
  • And just for fun: AsSprint (for painless sprints) :P
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  • OpenSprint

As sprints are recurring -

  • Loop
  • Circuit
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Here are my suggestions:

  • Sprint Master
  • Time Planner
  • Sprint Keeper

edit: Thinking about my suggestions later I realized they don’t solve the Googleability issues :joy:

  • Sprint Coach
  • Sprintability
  • Sprintagility

Oasis - OpenCraft Asynchronous Sprint Is Simple

(Opencraft’s OASIS would be redundant, but that’s OK.)

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+1 for this one. Me gusta recursive acronyms. Mind if I make a minor suggestion that still fits the abbreviation?

Opencraft Asynchronous SImple Sprints

Hi @Fox

Next sprint I’ll be preparing a round of remote usability tests to get some feedback on the current Sprints user experience. Perhaps I could collect the most popular name suggestions from this thread and request that the test users provide some feedback on them. That might help to settle on a name.

The usability tests will be conducted during sprint 254. Would you need a decision sooner than that?

FYI: @Agrendalath

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I like this idea. Please do so and let me know what you find out!

@Fox Cool! Will do :+1:

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@Ali I may have missed it-- did the survey get made/posted?

Hi @Fox

The “survey” is part of the remote usability tests being conducted this sprint (see #27 of the test instructions)

I’ll be collating the feedback next sprint, and will post the outcome on the name decision here.

Hi @Fox,

The feedback from the Sprints usability tests is back! Below is a list of the names that the users mentioned during their tests, along with the number of nods that each of the names received:

  • SprintCraft: 4 votes
  • Circuit: 2 votes
  • Loop: 2 votes
  • Scrumtious: 1 vote
  • ScrumCraft: 1 vote

If a name like “Circuit” or “Loop” were used, we’d need to prepend or append it with something to make it recognisable (and Googleable).

What do you think the next step should be? Should I come up with a final list of name options based on this feedback and post them here for the team to make the final vote? I could perhaps make a mini Typeform for this vote. What do you think?

Let’s do a forum survey-- we seem to have a good list of candidates now, and it’d be a quick way for everyone to see the results. Thanks!

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Hello, @team!

We’ve narrowed done the options for the Sprints app name. Please select up to 2 of your favourites from the list below:

  • SprintCraft
  • Circuitt (with 2 T’s)
  • OpenCircuit
  • LoopCraft
  • LoopLab
  • LoopTrack
  • LoopLine
  • Loop Camp
  • Scrumtious
  • ScrumCraft

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P.s. Please complete this poll even if you took part in the usability tests.
P.p.s Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a reminder for team members to vote here. Per the rules of the forum, I’ll be expecting everyone to have responded/voted within one more week. :)

Team! It looks like SprintCraft is the winner for the name poll!

Thank you all for participating. I like this name. It sounds almost steampunk. @Agrendalath , would you be able to schedule whatever follow-up work is needed to update the name in the codebase/docs?


Thanks @Fox. I’m looking forward to designing the SprintCraft logo!

In other news, I’ve been making some good progress on the wireframes for the interface updates, so we’re moving ahead on that front too. I’ll be sending the first draft of the wireframes to @Agrendalath next week (I’m on vacation the rest of this week). We’ll keep you updated.


Sure, I’ve created this.