Team Survey - Pain Points

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I’m going to be go through all the pain-points and solutions mentioned in this thread, and putting together a Typeform survey (or similar) to make it easy for the team to provide their thoughts, and vote on the possible solutions. Once the feedback is in an easy-to-digest format, it should be easier to decide on the best way forward.

I will share the survey here once it is ready.

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That sounds great @Ali :slight_smile:

One comment/question: Since this thread is in the Discussions category, not everybody on the team might have had a chance to add their thoughts yet.

So before moving forward with creating a survey, perhaps it would make sense to give people another week or two to respond with their feedback on pain points and/or ideas for improvements?

Let me know if that would work for you.

I was planning to post a separate announcement to ask for further input tomorrow (Thu).

CC @gabriel for SE-4698.

Hi @tikr

I have actually already done quite a bit of work on the survey (the first draft is almost finished). My idea was to structure the questions in such a way that would make it easier for everyone to provide their feedback (as opposed to having to first go through this long thread for context). I was planning on sending the draft to you and @gabriel for your thoughts and additions before sharing it with the rest of the team.

Let me finish it (I’m almost done), send it to you on SE-4698, and we can decide on the best way forward from there. Sound good?

Edit: Just shared the survey with you on SE-4698. Chat there :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good, thanks @Ali :+1:

:clock2: Tickets to log time

Hi @team. @tikr @gabriel @giovannicimolin and I have put together a survey covering the topics mentioned in this thread.

Please will everyone on the team complete the survey during Sprint 254 or 255. With everybody’s input, we should have enough reliable data to make decisions that will improve everybody’s work life. :raised_hands:

You can access the survey here: Improving the Work Experience at OpenCraft. It’s quite long, so grab a cup of coffee first.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, the “7+ minutes” in the beginning is a bit misleading. It took me close to an hour. ;)

In any case, I like the initiative. We should do this more often. I hope it results in positive changes.

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I thought 7 minutes sounded a bit optimistic! I wonder how Typeform comes up with that estimate.

Quick reminder — here are the tickets for logging time spent answering the form (cc. @cassie)

Thanks @gabriel. I’ve updated my post above with the correct links.

No need for this after the survey :slight_smile:


Any updates on this, or on the general direction we may be going regarding changing processes here? CC @braden now that you’re back.

Hi @swalladge,

We’ve given everyone Sprint 254 and 255 to complete the survey, so I was planning to wait until 20 September to review the responses and present the feedback to the team (only 8 people have completed the survey so far). Does that work for you, or did you have something else in mind?

@Ali ah cool, thanks. No I didn’t have anything else in mind; I was just wondering if anything had changed because this thread has been quiet for the last sprint. :slight_smile:

@swalladge Perhaps it would be a good idea for me to remind everyone at the beginning of next sprint to complete the survey. I’ll do that on Tuesday :+1:

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Since @antoviaque will be back in a week, I’m not personally planning any major initiatives before that.

I did create a task to investigate consolidating some of our role assignments since nobody else seemed to have taken that on yet, MNG-2415. Hoping to get to it next week.

I also need some recruitment managers to start trying out the new recruitment process with me; I haven’t heard anything on that recently. I’ll post an update on that thread.


Did the survey ask “What % of your current work hours do spend doing what you consider metawork?” (I don’t remember that), or have we polled that information yet? I think that would be very useful to hear.

Hi @braden Good idea! I’ve added this question to the survey. There have already been 8 responses, so those people won’t have provided an answer to this question, but I will just contact each of them individually. :+1:

Hi @team,

Please remember to complete the Improving the Work Experience at OpenCraft survey this sprint (255).

Thanks to @braden @daniel @nizar @mtyaka @jill @swalladge @Fox @adolfo for already having completed the survey. Based on Braden’s suggestion, I have added 1 more question to the survey since you all submitted your responses. Would you mind answering the question below for me please? (You can just post your answer in this thread, or ping me wherever suits you).

What % of your current work hours do spend doing what you consider metawork?


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@Ali, I took the survey now and have completed it. Kudos to you and everyone else who helped design this awesome survey that asked relevant questions. I am impressed :slight_smile: and hopeful. :crossed_fingers:


@Ali My best guess is somewhere between 10-25% of my time is spent on Metawork. I think the devs have the worse end of it since they have more total processes. I also work half time so the proportion of metawork is greater than if I worked full. It might be half of that in other circumstances.