Termination of Ocim

@team Is there anyone knows anything about Login - OpenCraft - (charles.opencraft.hosting). The instance is still active and I’m curious if I can archive it.

@team I’m going to shut down the Ocim Production instance and the related infrastructure today. As no instances should be there which are used by any of our clients, this should not cause any issues.

I’ll do the termination of the infrastructure in three steps:

  1. Shut down Ocim Prod instance (but not terminate it) today and archive any other running instances
  2. Tomorrow, I’m going to shut down (but not terminate) the related infra (HAProxy, etc)
  3. On Wednesday, I’m going to terminate those resources that were stopped.

Why not wait until next Monday with termination? If I shut down the infra on Tuesday (i.e., tomorrow), it will turn out really fast if any of the instances are needed. So it is relatively safe to not wait more that 24h.