Termination of Ocim

Hello team!

At Serenity we are looking to further simplify our hosting infrastructure and remove things we don’t need to avoid spending time on unnecessary maintenance.

Ocim has been an important part of our infrastructure for a long time, but as of the Nutmeg release, it is no longer a supported platform for deploying new instances. Grove should be used instead.

There are still some instances with running appservers in Ocim. I’m pinging the owners of these instances and asking you to take a look and let us know if you have any reservations about destroying these instances:

If nobody raises any objections, we will start decommissioning Ocim in January 2024.

In our initial plans, we were thinking of using Ocim as a frontend for Grove. We made some experiments in that area (with the “Convert to Grove” button), but it turned out to not be worth the hassle, especially after we decided to no longer support P&T hosting plans.

We were also thinking of completely rewriting Ocim but that also no longer seems necessary, especially now that the plan is to use Argo CD for tracking deployments, which already comes with a UI.

If anyone has any concerns about that, now is the time to speak up :slight_smile:


@mtyaka You can destroy all my instances. No objections.


I’d like to keep the MAW instance around for another sprint from now.

I am good with deleting the instances that you tagged in January 2024 though.

@mtyaka I’m OK with those instances being retired.

@mtyaka Same here, you can destroy my instance.

@mtyaka, no objections from my end.

@mtyaka, I might have created the ANU test instance during my time working here. If that is the case, please go ahead and delete it after confirming that no one else (including ANU) is using it.

@mtyaka The oxford instance needs to be around for a little while. We resurrected this instance based on a special request from the client. We have made it clear to them that this instance will be not be maintained. I will be sure to archive it once the clients confirm they have what they need.

@pooja @mtyaka How much work would it be to migrate the Oxford SBS instance to Grove? I’m asking because that might be worth doing if:

  • Oxford SBS is the only instance that we’d need to keep the Ocim infrastructure alive for.
  • We don’t have a specific date for terminating it (or that date is months into the future).

I agree with Tim here that we should free up Ocim from stale instances/instances that are just keeping Ocim busy and serves no real value to us and move them to Grove. So we can shut down Ocim.

@tikr I’m not sure about the effort for migrating the instance to Grove, however I do know that Oxford does not have the budget / does not want to pay for it. As for the date of terminating, they only asked for a month of extension on Dec 4, so we’re pretty much at the end of it now. It was originally supposed to be up for a month, and then they asked to extend it twice. I just sent another email to confirm if we are good to shut it down. Will post an update here when I hear back. CC @mtyaka @gabor

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@pooja Sounds good, thanks for the update.

For this point in particular, if migrating the instance to Grove is relatively straightforward, it might still make sense to do it (at no cost to the client). Because if we needed to keep Ocim up and running for a longer stretch of time, recurring maintenance and hosting costs associated with that could potentially exceed the one-time cost of migrating the instance.

We can decide once you’ve heard back from the client :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @pooja, just wanted to see if you had gotten any updates from Oxford about their instance?

It’s been a month since you checked in with them in early January, so they should have had enough time to make a decision by now :slightly_smiling_face:

CC @mtyaka @gabor @gabriel

@tikr Yep I sent another email reminder last week about this but I haven’t heard back yet. I’ll send them one more now and if we don’t hear back within the week then we can go ahead with the shutdown (i’ll mention that we are planning to shut it down next week in my email so they aren’t caught off-guard). What do you think? CC @gabriel

@pooja Sounds good to me, thanks for the quick reply!

@tikr Just got confirmation from them that we can go ahead with the shutdown next week (i.e. Monday Feb 19). CC @gabor @gabriel @mtyaka

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@pooja Great! :confetti_ball:

@mtyaka @gabor That’s Sprint 319, so it should be possible to schedule the ticket for terminating Ocim prod for Sprint 320 :rocket:

@tikr the termination of Ocim prod is scheduled for SE.319. Matjaz is off for this week, however, I feel confident to help him to finish the termination of Stage while he is away and start the termination of Production. Do you have any concenrs?

Quick update - the SBS instance has been archived.

@gabor No concerns, especially now that @pooja confirmed that SBS is archived :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for checking!