Thank You!

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year. Unfortunately, my last day at OpenCraft will be on January 24th. I know this decision is quite sudden. However, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to leave OpenCraft. It’s been quite a journey and I’ve learnt a lot :open_mouth:!

After my trial period ended I wasn’t fortunate enough to join the core team. However, I was quite fortunate to be given a special role (thanks to @antoviaque consideration) that allowed me to continue working at OpenCraft.

While the new opportunity was great, the whole process of figuring things out affected me more me than I realized. I love experiments and being part of processes that give birth to new things. However, not at the expense of compensation :sweat_smile:. The last month has been tough for me due to the fact that I had a scarcity of work. Filling my 30h week quota has been challenging from the beginning. With this new role, it became even tougher. This started affecting me mentally and the motivation I once had plummeted. Coupled with other personal decisions, I had to make the decision of leaving.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to work at OpenCraft. It was a pleasure interacting with some of you.

Best wishes, Michael.


I’m sorry that we couldn’t fill your hours adequately @michaelbukachi :frowning: That’s our failing, not yours – for a small organization, it’s surprisingly difficult for us to adapt and change quickly, and it sounds like the new role we created wasn’t supported well enough.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and have been impressed with your skills and growth over the past few months, especially your work on LabXchange and the MOOC-FLOSS course. I know you’ll do well wherever you decide to go next! Best wishes, and thank you for all your help. Please, keep in touch?

Yes, sorry that we didn’t provide you with the contributions to work on; it’s unfortunate that this switch happened during the holidays, as few of us were around to help figuring it out. In hindsight we should probably have delayed the switch a bit.

Thanks again for your work, though, and for giving it a shot! Hopefully that will still be something we’ll be able to try in better conditions with someone else in the future, so your experience will remain useful.

That was really nice working with you on LabXchange and that’s a shame that we are not able to work with a talented junior candidate like you. :cry:

I wish you the best for your following adventure Michael. :wave:

Thanks for working here. It’s a pity that there weren’t enough tasks ready to fill the quota; this has been a common occurrence in the past.
In addition, the new type of tasks are still under construction+approval (SE-5118), and client work was reduced during the holidays.

Good luck in your next project; see you again.