There's a new Open edX extensions directory

See the blog post: Open edX now has a new extensions directory! If you’ve ever done work on any of ours, care to double-check that it’s properly listed?

Choose your cell’s ticket to log time:



@adolfo Could you mention the task where to log time in this thread?

I see we could add one, GitHub - open-craft/cohort-manager, developed for MOOC GdP
I just wrote to MOOC GdP about this.
I’m missing a screenshot (and the text), I asked them since it’s not trivial to produce one.

I don’t know which budget are we supposed to use to submit blocks. The client’s budget? Or the contributions one?
If a project has ended, do we still want to submit the extension and support it? We can mention „unsupported“.

Good call. Updated the top post.

IMHO this is a reasonably clear cut community contribution, so I created the tickets accordingly. But now that I think of it, it could technically be a marketing thing. @gabriel, @Fox, thoughts?

Good question. Plus, if the project does not support the latest release, do we still submit it? I see Figures there, and it only works with Juniper.

There are also things like the report browser MFE, but I don’t see any other MFEs in the directory. @kshitij, what do you think?

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Either a marketing or community ticket is fine. I was involved in getting initial information for this project (screen shots for some XBlocks they knew we’d worked on) and logged it to the marketing workgroup ticket since it came out of the marketing workgroup. At this point it’s now live so it could be either.

We should definitely add GitHub - open-craft/openedx-completion-aggregator: An Open edX Django app that aggregates block-level completion data to report on different block types. - some people on our team didn’t even know about it!

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We can add the Course Search MFE and its supporting backend that we built for Cloudera:

We built these django auth extensions:

…these ecommerce payment plugins:

…and these other Open edX-related apps:

(There are more in OpenCraft’s github sources list, but I only went back as far as page 2, because beyond that, the last updated dates are pre-2019).

I’m glad to see that most of the live entries from the XBlock Directory page were added, but there are some issues:

  • The Vimeo XBlock entry only links to, not to the actual Vimeo XBlock code.
  • The Discourse entry has the same issue as ^ – not sure where the source or docs for this integration live? CC @kshitij
  • The Brightcove XBlock has the same issue ^, but also: it’s shown as Dead on the XBlock Directory, so shouldn’t be listed on the Extensions Directory at all.
  • There’s no place for the Supported status of the XBlock, and it’s pretty important to know whether the repo has been abandoned or not.

These OpenCraft XBlocks are on the XBlock Directory, but are missing from the Extensions Directory list:

(There’s a number in the XBlock Directory supported by other organizations that are missing too, but I didn’t bother checking them all.)

And OpenCraft also built these XBlocks – no idea how variously supported they are?


This one is only tested on solutions, but I think it should work on vanilla.

I’m not sure that’s based on any plugin. Discourse is now technically supported on Open edX as an LTI tool in a course tab, but you also need to set up the LTI plugin on Discourse side. I think the best place to host this should be a document that explains how to set this up.
Note: This just merged last sprint I think, so it might take a bit of time :-)

This only supports solutions, however I think with a little bit of effort we can make it support the vanilla platform, if only by removing a few features.

I this block is very simple and doesn’t really use many platform features, so should probably work on newer versions. It’s probably tested on the latest solutions fork since it’s used by yonkers. So should work on Juniper at least.

Same as above.


OMG YAY!!! That’s fantastic news. Great work @kshitij @paulo @Agrendalath and everyone who is working on that project!

Is there a ticket already planned to document how to do this? A blog post celebrating this and pointing to the new docs is certainly in order. CC @gabriel

Ah my mistake – For some reason I had it in my head that another one of our clients had used this.

I think there’s no reason to put this (or any of the other yonkers-specific XBlocks) on the supported Extensions list until someone sponsors the work to test and make them work with vanilla Open edX.


There are still things to be done here, it currently it will only work in the main discusisons tab, not in-context. Also, it needs an LTI plugin to be installed, and another plugin to allow embedding in iframes.

Due to how fragile the yonkers devstack is, I’ve often tested non-solutions-specific XBlocks on the main devstack, and they’ve worked pretty well. I’m pretty confident chat and VR will work for instance, and putting them in the extensions directory with caveats (if possible) would be a good way to get them noticed enough to get sponsors.

We’ve planned a blog post for @kshitij to describe the results/progress of our work on Discussions at large, but what I’m seeing is that we need a bit more time?


Ah cool… still, fantastic progress here!

:+1: to this, sure :)

I just submitted the cohort manager; e-mail with details.

Did anyone submit extensions to the directory? Extensions Directory – Open edX

I did it a month and a half ago and didn’t hear back yet.

I posted the question at the forum to ask eduNEXT how long does it take: The Extensions Directory - #2 by clemente - Blog - Open edX discussions

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eduNext answered very fast and they added to extension! (cohort manager). It’s already visible there.

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Congrats, and thanks for insisting on it, @daniel! :+1: