Tracking the Incidents channel of the Let's Encrypt Forum

Hello everyone

We are adding the Let’s Encrypt community forum channel Incident to OpenCraft alerting system. The main agenda behind this is to get notified of any incident related to Let’s Encrypt early on and to take necessary action if it concerns OpenCraft in any way.

The Incident forum channel is a low volume channel that has only four posts in the year 2020 and six posts in the year 2019. We can subscribe, and mail addresses for the alerts. The reason for choosing these email addresses is to make sure the notification reached the right people.

It will be great if you can share your thoughts about the proposed email addresses for the incident alert from the Let’s Encrypt forum community.

You can use SE-4471 for time logging



We just got alerted with a “Summary of posts since your last visit” to the forum – not exactly something we want to be woken up for.

So I’ve modified our account email preferences to uncheck the “When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies” box. First posts to the Incidents channel should still come through.