Update to Sprint Checklist Items

Ticket to log time

Hi @team !

Based on a discussion we’ve had here, a couple of changes have been made to the Sprint checklist.

The first change is that to keep things moving forward on our long-term tickets, we’ve added a note to comment on each of the long term tickets. We’ve had a lot of these which have been stuck for a while, but could be unblocked by new developments like roping in a CC, so we want to make sure we’re regularly checking in and not letting these get ‘filtered out’ from our vision as months go by.

The second change is for Sprint Managers-- to have them check, once per sprint, on the long-term blocked tickets to see if they’ve been updated recently, in case any were missed. The first checklist change is immediately available. The second is going to appear not on this checklist but the next one.

If you have any comments or questions or suggestions for this, please post them here!