Wireframing a New Open edX Theme

Hi @team,

We’re still on a mission to build an Open edX theme that people love to use. We’ve started wireframing the course pages of our new theme and thought you guys may be interested in seeing what we’re up to!

Check out our efforts on the Open edX forum.

If you spend some time on this, please log it here.


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@cassie Could you please add to the description the corresponding ticket where people can log time in this thread?

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Hey @cassie, two quick suggestions:

  • It would be great if the post mentioned that the theme will be open source, and that community members are welcome to contribute through comments/MRs on Gitlab (I think that is the case?)
  • It would also be great if opencraft / dev / Open edX Theme by Opencraft · GitLab had a short readme file that summarized the project :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions @gabriel. I will do! :slight_smile: