Would anybody be interested in playing Among Us?

On mattermost people indicated an interest to play a multiplayer game together, and Among Us was a popular choice

Continuing the discussions on the forum, would you folks be interested to play Among Us together?

For reference Among Us is a popular whodunnit game where one (or two) people in a team are ‘impostors’ and the rest of the team have to figure out who the impostors are (While the impostors eliminate teammates one by one)

It’s cross platform so it can be played together on both Desktop (Steam) and Mobile (Android & iOS)

If you’re interested, what day & time would you prefer?


I’m thinking we can do a game this Friday (Tomorrow). Does 1 PM UTC sound good to everybody?

I will try to make it. Sounds fun!

Sounds fun! I’d be up for playing another time (maybe next week) if it falls into my timezone :slight_smile:

@giovannicimolin and I have a meeting with NELP from 1 PM to 1:45 PM UTC. So I can join after the meeting or if it is rescheduled after 2 PM UTC.

@aayush, sounds awesome. I guess I will be able to join if nothing else shows up. :slight_smile:

I would also be up for a game! Today won’t be possible for me either, but another time on my timezone, with pleasure.

Today’s session was a lot of fun. :rocket:
We can try adding them to OC’s shared calendar in advance next time.

:100: and a ton of thanks to everyone who made it possible and fun! Elated to be able to win as an impostor in just the 2nd round of my first time playing this game.

Team #JusticeForPiotr! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was awesome. Would love to do it again. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

We’re again close to the first Friday of the sprint which appears to be a good time for repeating this. Can those who are interested in doing this again tomorrow, reply on this thread?

We can also play something else (there were a few options like Fall Guys, online escape rooms etc. So we can also try those out if enough team members are interested and want to participate.

Last time we did this, @braden, @kshitij and @antoviaque had expressed interested in joining if the event was at a convenient time for them. So please suggest a different time that works for you and we can try to do this then.


On Friday, if it falls between 00:00 - 05:00 UTC (my Thursday evening) or 17:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC (my work day ish, 9am - 4pm Pacific time) I could join. Otherwise I’ll join another time :slight_smile:

On my side, I could do it between 18:00 UTC and 21:30 UTC, except 19:00-19:30 UTC where I have a meeting. I could also later in my day, from 1:30am UTC (Sat), but I doubt this will work for other timezones, as it will already be Friday night/Sat.

Hey Folks,

It’s Friday again(first Friday of the sprint) and we are planning a gaming event. We played Among Us in previous events and it was crazy fun. We can also plan to play any other game, all suggestions are welcome. Make sure to give installation instructions so that everyone is prepared.

We need to arrive at a time last Friday we synched up at 18:00 UTC, would that be fine for all?


The time works for me and I’d love to play! But for some reason I haven’t ever had any luck getting the game running on Ubuntu…anybody have any tips? Usually the automatic compatibility tools on Steam work pretty well…

@bill have you tried Proton for Steam?
It works great with Proton, you just install Proton, specify it in Steam Play settings, restart your PC, and then open up Among Us in steam and download it.

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you :+1:

I only played a couple of games today - and very badly, at that - but it was great fun! Thanks for the invite. Gonna practice some so I don’t suck so much next time. :laughing: