Xblock-wistia setup

Has anyone managed to set up and use the xblock-wistia plugin using the instructions provided in their Readme :thinking:? I’m able to set it up and link a wistia video but I’m not able to view the video. This is on the current master branch of devstack.

If you spend time on this, feel free to log it here

Hey @michaelbukachi :wave:

I did it several times for one of our clients, but I used the original repo, not the forked on. Before trying to set it up, I’d suggest updating the forked master branch.

Also, are you sure any of our clients are using this repo? As far as I remember correctly, I was the one who forked the repo to be able to contribute upstream. If none of the clients are using the forked version, couldn’t we just drop it?

Anyways, could you please help with a bit more details? Do you have any console messages about why you cannot see the video? Is the expected HTML there? What was the Video URL you used? How did you configure the XBlock? Can you see the video in Studio at least? etc :smiley:

I’m not sure :sweat_smile:. @swalladge are you able to confirm this?

Nope. No errors in the console.

Not in the preview.

I opened an account on Wistia and uploaded a test video. I can share the URL and API key I’m using. Also, I’m using the instructions in the Readme of the repo.

Yes I can. See the below screenshot.

Now that I think about it. Maybe I’m going out of scope with this :thinking:. The preview is loaded in the LMS so for the plugin to work there I also have to install it there.

It worked! I can’t believe I overlooked this :man_facepalming:t6:. I’ll have to update the instructions on the Readme though.

Glad to hear this @michaelbukachi! Could you please share what was wrong? :D

Before updating the readme, it would be worth confirming that the fork is used, otherwise, we could just delete the fork.

The wistia hadn’t been installed in LMS. I had to run the following commands:

make lms-shell

# In the shell ran
root@lms:/edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform# pip install -e /edx/src/

# Finally
make lms-restart

I don’t know how to go about this. Is there someone I need to ping?

@michaelbukachi @gabor ah interesting, it looks like most have switched to the upstream (appsembler) source. The only ones with the open-craft fork are also on @gabor’s branch:

Esme Readspeaker (esme-readspeaker.opencraft.hosting)
Esme Readspeaker (esme-readspeaker-new.opencraft.hosting)

There are a couple of sandboxes on @gabor’s personal fork too.

So looks like all production instances are using the upstream appsembler source now. Will continue on the ticket.

@swalladge as ESME confirmed that their prod instances got the readspeaker integration properly, I’ll destroy the mentioned two instances, so we leave no garbage behind.

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