2022 Conference: Activities in Cascais and Lisbon

Hello team, let’s discuss team activities during our stay in Portugal.

What about Surf Experience? It’s been more than a few years since I last went surfing.

AirBnb has a few other suggestions.

Ticket to log time


@paulo Why not for the surf – it does look like a popular activity, judging by the number of people offering it on Airbnb ;p

We could (should?) also spend some time in Lisboa, being so close to it… Maybe we could rent ebikes, and visit the city that way, during the week-end? That is a nice way to see its neighborhoods, while dealing with the significant hills there ;p – and it allows for stops by bars and restaurants on the way.

Also, cooking or wine tasting could be nice – there are many of those, including on Airbnb:


Oh, I’d love the cooking experiences!

Some e-bike tours in Lisbon: https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/181529 | https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/593482 | https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/181529


I would be into an e-bike tour, and maybe a cooking class :)

A day trip to Sintra also looks really cool if anyone else is interested.


So, we don’t yet have much activities being organized, besides the team dinner and the food tour, no? To anyone coming to the conference - t’s often one of the nicest parts! No obligation, but it’s a great occasion to do something together. Any other volunteers to help organize? You can just pick something you would like to do :slight_smile:

Above I was suggesting cooking/wine tasting, but maybe with the team dinner and the food tour we’re already covered for meal-related activities? So I’ll focus on the e-bike tour, and also maybe a board game night? :slight_smile:


To help decide and plan the number of people, here is a poll to register for those who are interested - please reply quickly – the polls will close on Thursday Apr 14th on the evening, to make sure we still have time to book/organize:

@gabriel @giovannicimolin @toxinu @Agrendalath @farhaan @Fox @kshitij @paulo @braden @kaustav @maxim @tikr @jill @pooja @keithgg @cassie ^

Which activitie(s) would you like to participate in?

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Note that for activities with costs, they are not covered by OpenCraft aside from the team dinner. I’ll make an exception for the board games though, it wouldn’t make much sense to split a box between many participants at the end – if we like it, the board games could be kept for future conferences :)

And another one to pick dates:

When would you be available for the activitie(s) you selected above?
  • Saturday, April 16th - afternoon (15:00-18:00)
  • Saturday, April 16th - evening
  • Sunday, April 17th - morning (10:00-13:00)
  • Sunday, April 17th - afternoon (15:00-18:00)
  • Monday, April 18th - evening
  • Tuesday, April 19th - evening
  • Wednesday, April 20th - evening
  • Thursday, April 21st - evening
  • Friday, April 22nd - evening
  • Saturday, April 23rd - morning (10:00-13:00)
  • Saturday, April 23rd - afternoon (15:00-18:00)
  • Saturday, April 23rd - evening
  • Sunday, April 24th - morning (10:00-13:00)
  • Sunday, April 24th - afternoon (15:00-18:00)
  • Sunday, April 25th - evening
  • Monday, April 26th - evening
  • Tuesday, April 27th - evening
  • Wednesday, April 28th - evening
  • Thursday, April 29st - evening
  • Friday, April 30th - evening

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Btw, any reason to keep this thread private? Imho if others see this and join us for some of the activities, it’s a good thing :slight_smile:


I would like to organize a day trip to Sintra on either Saturday April 23 or Sunday April 24. (“Sintra is one of the most beautiful and most unique places in Portugal… With fairytale-like castles and the most enchanting gardens, a visit to Sintra is worth your time even if you are coming from the other side of the world!”)

Sign up here if you want to come! You can see the itinerary on the link I just posted above.

  • I’ll come if it’s on the Saturday (April 23)
  • I’ll come if it’s on the Sunday (April 24)

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Oh my gosh @braden, Sintra looks magical!


I’m keen to see Quinta da Regaleira in the historic centre of Sintra, If that’s possible to include! But I know there is so much to see there :heart_eyes:


Switched to public :+1:

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@braden Great idea, I’d love to come too :slight_smile:

Note that given the results of the poll so far, the e-bike activity is likely to be on the Sunday (24th) – we should try to avoid a conflicting timing if we can, since many of the same people would come to both.

I’d be happy to do fun things in a group with y’all! I don’t get in until the 24th midday (and I have dinner plans), but I’m staying through the 3rd with @feanil


@sarina Great! :smiley: Make sure to pick and vote above, to make sure we include you in the reservations, when applicable. Looking forward to it :)

@cassie Yep, it looks like that should be pretty easy to get to and include on our itinerary. We can plan the details next week :)

@antoviaque If that’s the case we can do Sintra on the Saturday, sure. Seems like there’s no preference for which day to go to Sintra on the votes so far.


I won’t be going to Sintra with you guys, because I’ve planned on going there with my partner the week following the conference :european_castle:

@antoviaque I think the days on your poll got messed up by one (says Sunday the 25th and then is off from there). I voted for the days, not dates, I’m free.

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Thanks for the votes & confirmations! So, I tried to pick the time with the most people who voted to come who would also be available; it looks like we are doing:

Board game night

Dixit, Werewolf, Bang, 7 Wonders (and bring your own too if you want!)

On Monday, April 25th in the evening (19:00). It was technically an ex-aequo with Saturday Apr 23rd, and I’m wondering if my misnumbering of the days made you skip that one @tikr ? In any case, we can always do a second night if there are takers :slight_smile:

For the place, we could likely do it at the appartment I’m staying at, with Pooja & Missy? There should be enough room and seats I think. We’ll probably do 2 tables with different games to match the 10-12 people available that day. I’ll send a meeting invite to everyone who voted they were interested though, you can always join if you end up being free.

E-bike tour

See https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/181529

On Sunday, April 24th - afternoon (15:00-18:00). It was an ex-aequo with the morning, but in the afternoon it might be a bit warmer – and we can sleep in ;p

If you’re registered on the tour, you should receive an email from Airbnb with the details – if not, let me know, so I can double-check that you’re registered.

It might still be possible to add more people to the tour, as this is going to be a private group. Let me know if you’re interested, I’ll ask.

Food tour

I’ll leave that one to you @gabriel & @paulo :)

Yeah, I messed up those numbers, sorry :/ But yes, they were meant to match the day, so voting for days worked :+1:

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I haven’t received anything from AirBnB yet? I voted for this activity, but neglected to vote for any dates.

Ah yes, so far I have only registered those who had voted for the activity and marked the selected time as available, as I assumed those who didn’t mark the time as available wouldn’t be able to make it. But I’ll reach out to the organizer, I’m sure there should be a way to add you.

Let me know if anyone else is in the same situation.

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@antoviaque Same here … I didn’t vote for the dates, but I want to register for the tour too

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For those who want to have a closer look at the games we’ll be playing at board game night, here are some short videos introducing the rules. No obligation to watch them, we’ll recap things together, but you might gain some time and a headstart :slight_smile:




7 Wonders

The Metagame (brought to you by @Fox)

See you on Monday :slight_smile:


@kaustav @antoviaque @jill @cassie @braden @Fox @giovannicimolin @mtyaka @maxim @Agrendalath @tikr

Are you interested in doing the food & wine tour activity? If so, we were thinking this Friday, April 22. Who’s down?

  • Friday sounds great
  • I’m in, but not Friday
  • No thank you!

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So, as a quick reminder: they can substitute foods to accomodate ovo-lacto-vegetarians (eggs, dairy), there will also be fish and seafood if you eat that, and non-alcoholic beverages can also be provided.