2024 Co-Working Week in Hermanus

Hi team,

I’m excited to announce the location of the 2024 co-working week: after careful consideration, we’ve chosen the coastal town of Hermanus, South Africa! :whale: :mountain: :sun_with_face: :wine_glass: :ocean:

What to expect:

  • Scenic coastline
  • Quaint town atmosphere
  • Great restaurants
  • Wine farms
  • Hiking / surfing / sea kayaking / paragliding / kite-surfing (weather permitting)
  • Friendly locals (including me, since Hermanus is my hometown!)

Check it out on Google Maps :round_pushpin:

(Disclaimer: Hermanus is considered one of the best locations in the world for whale-watching, but July is a bit early for a visit from our big friends).


Hermanus looks beautiful, great choice @Ali !

…but they do have shark cage diving:smiley:

The water will be cold (14°-16°C), but I’d love to do a scuba dive or two while we’re there.


Good idea! We’ll have to organise you a wetsuit though… it was 11°C the other day and I nearly died. :cold_face:

The shark cage diving is a 40-minute drive from Hermanus, but if enough of us are keen, I’m sure we can make a plan! :heart: :shark:

I love the shark cage, if this happens count me in :slight_smile:

Rendezvous with sharks ? Count me in. :raising_hand_man:

Woaah! This looks awesome :slight_smile:

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Hi @team :wave:

I’d like to start brainstorming some activities for the co-working week (it doesn’t look like there’ll be much time outside of conference activities during the first week). Once I’ve collected your ideas, I will put together a poll (along with any pricing) and ask you all to vote for your favourites.

Bear in mind that activities are completely optional. Some are free and some are paid. Those that are paid, will be for your own account.

Here are some of the ideas that have come up so far:

  • Shark cage diving (40-minutes from Hermanus) :shark:
  • Wine tasting :wine_glass:
  • Sea kayaking :canoe:
  • Hiking in the mountains :hiking_boot:
  • Hiking on a path along the coast :walking_man:
  • Whale watching tour (TBC when whale season starts) :whale:
  • Scuba diving :diving_mask:
  • Horse riding on the beach :racehorse:
  • Art galleries and craft markets :art:

Would you like to add anything to the list?


Your list is fantastic, @Ali . I wish we had more than a week together so we could do everything! :heart:

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@kaustav @DouglasDraper Please will you let me know once you’ve confirmed the dates of the trip with Cay. I want to try to plan the activities above around those dates where possible. I’ll also need to adjust the Hermanus Airbnb dates, and organise the transfer from Hermanus to Cape Town.


@DouglasDraper @kaustav Perhaps you can ask Cay to organise the trip on the 14th July as that’s when we check out our Hermanus Airbnbs? Just a reminder, you’ll also need to organise accommodation in Cape Town for your own account after the day trip, but she can help you with this / transfers to the airport for your Kruger travels!

Please can one of you share a list of emails with her of everyone that’s interested so she can start liaising :slight_smile: This is so exciting!

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@cassie @Ali

Since 14th is our checkout from Hermanus, I was thinking most of us might have our flights out that day.

That is the reason I was looking at doing the day trip on 13th, so that everyone can come back to Hermanus after the day trip (we would already have the vehicle booked for the day for pick-up/drop) and leave for Cape Town airport the next day as per their flight timings.

Alternatively, getting an accomodation in Cape Town or extending our airbnbs by a day might also be an option, if we prefer to do it on the 14th.

@kaustav The only thing is that it takes about 1h 40mins to drive from Hermanus to Cape Town. So it takes a lot of time out of your day. Just something to think about.

I would suggest you chat to Cay about it ASAP, and then we can make adjustments to the Hermanus Airbnbs if necessary :sunglasses:

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@kaustav I second what @cassie has said - I definitely don’t think it makes sense to return to Hermanus after the day trip. It’s quite a long drive (with traffic, it can be up to 2.5 hours), and I don’t think people would want to do it two days in a row.

@Ali The tickets for conference planing say:

Book a return flight; you can fly back any time you like, but OpenCraft will cover accommodation from July 1 to July 15

E.g. the ticket assigned to me.

My understanding was that we should book return flights for 15th of July. However, looking at this thread, the impression is that the checkout is 14th and 15th is not going to be covered. Can you please clarify this, because I almost booked the tickets for 15th?

@maxim Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I hadn’t realised there was a discrepancy between the date of the Airbnb bookings and the date on the Jira tickets for booking flights (my mistake). Please hold off on booking your flight until I have confirmed how to proceed. Sorry for the hold up.

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@Ali I hadn’t noticed this discrepancy either. I have already bought my flights to return on the 15th.

Hi @team

Sorry about the confusion with the dates :upside_down_face:. The date of departure for those of us leaving South Africa straight after the co-working week should be Sunday 14 July (NOT 15 July as was stated on the tickets). I have updated everyone’s tickets so that they show the right date. You can go ahead and book your flights. :airplane:

@ChrisChV It looks like you are the only one who has already booked a ticket for 15 July. I will contact you on your ticket to figure out a solution.

Sorry again for complicating things! I’m not sure how I managed to make that mistake, but we are back on track now.

P.s. @cassie will be posting an update about the Cape Town day trip and Kruger Park trip here soon.


Thanks for the clarification @Ali. There’s a lot to manage for the conference, so thank you for all your hard work :star_struck:

@team Some notes on post conference travels :south_africa:

Cape Town Day Trip

  • The Cape Town Day Trip will happen on Sunday 14 July between 8am and 5pm.
  • We’ll arrange a shuttle from Hermanus to Cape Town International Airport on OpenCraft’s account, where you can store your luggage in lockers.
  • You’ll be fetched for the day trip at the airport. And the shuttle will take you back to the airport after you’re done for the day.
  • Cay can arrange accommodation at the airport for your own account on Sunday 14 July if you’re flying out on Monday 15 July. Alternatively you can arrange an evening flight on Sunday 14 July if you don’t wish to spend money on accommodation.

Kruger National Park

For those of you travelling to the Kruger National Park, Cay will arrange flights for you on the 15th July.


Please can I kindly ask each team member to fill in the details on this spreadsheet:

  • Arrival date and time in South Africa (SA)
  • Departure date and time from South Africa (SA)
  • Whether you’re joining the Cape Town trip
  • Whether you’re joining the Kruger Park trip

Thanks everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve started a sheet for this night’s accommodation: Con 2024 budget > Accommodation Cape Town (1 night). It looks like there are a few houses with 3-4 bedrooms that aren’t far from the airport.


Awesome @jill!

I’ll leave this to you guys to organise. Cay has offered to organise accommodation too so maybe worth getting her comparative quotes :slight_smile: and something closer to the airport / at the airport if the shuttle is dropping you off there any way after your day trip.

cc. @kaustav @DouglasDraper

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