2024 Co-Working Week in Hermanus

Hi team,

I’m excited to announce the location of the 2024 co-working week: after careful consideration, we’ve chosen the coastal town of Hermanus, South Africa! :whale: :mountain: :sun_with_face: :wine_glass: :ocean:

What to expect:

  • Scenic coastline
  • Quaint town atmosphere
  • Great restaurants
  • Wine farms
  • Hiking / surfing / sea kayaking / paragliding / kite-surfing (weather permitting)
  • Friendly locals (including me, since Hermanus is my hometown!)

Check it out on Google Maps :round_pushpin:

(Disclaimer: Hermanus is considered one of the best locations in the world for whale-watching, but July is a bit early for a visit from our big friends).


Hermanus looks beautiful, great choice @Ali !

…but they do have shark cage diving:smiley:

The water will be cold (14°-16°C), but I’d love to do a scuba dive or two while we’re there.


Good idea! We’ll have to organise you a wetsuit though… it was 11°C the other day and I nearly died. :cold_face:

The shark cage diving is a 40-minute drive from Hermanus, but if enough of us are keen, I’m sure we can make a plan! :heart: :shark:

I love the shark cage, if this happens count me in :slight_smile:

Rendezvous with sharks ? Count me in. :raising_hand_man:

Woaah! This looks awesome :slight_smile:

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Hi @team :wave:

I’d like to start brainstorming some activities for the co-working week (it doesn’t look like there’ll be much time outside of conference activities during the first week). Once I’ve collected your ideas, I will put together a poll (along with any pricing) and ask you all to vote for your favourites.

Bear in mind that activities are completely optional. Some are free and some are paid. Those that are paid, will be for your own account.

Here are some of the ideas that have come up so far:

  • Shark cage diving (40-minutes from Hermanus) :shark:
  • Wine tasting :wine_glass:
  • Sea kayaking :canoe:
  • Hiking in the mountains :hiking_boot:
  • Hiking on a path along the coast :walking_man:
  • Whale watching tour (TBC when whale season starts) :whale:
  • Scuba diving :diving_mask:
  • Horse riding on the beach :racehorse:
  • Art galleries and craft markets :art:

Would you like to add anything to the list?


Your list is fantastic, @Ali . I wish we had more than a week together so we could do everything! :heart:

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