2024 Co-Working Week in Hermanus

@Ali Thanks for taking care of all the planning, I can imagine it can get quite hectic, so kudos to you for handling it really well.

In my case, I’m mainly good with everything, I just can’t have pork or alcohol (regardless if cooked or raw or as an ingredient of some sort).

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This holds for me too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info @gabor @yusuf @farhaan. I’ll let the restaurant know. :cook:

It is not set in stone yet, but it will probably be on Friday, 12 July.

I am good with everything except for maybe beef, so I selected others.

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Thank you! I already found that in the related Google Docs, I meant it like “7pm — 9:30pm” or similar :sweat_smile:

That, unfortunately, I do not yet know! But it’s safe to assume that it will be any time between 6pm and 11pm. I am still in the process of selecting a restaurant. I will add the time to the schedule doc once it has been confirmed.

@daniel.valenzuela @Cef Please will you both complete this poll as soon as possible so I can organise our team dinner. Thanks!

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