2024 Co-Working Week in Hermanus

@DouglasDraper You’re right - the shuttle from Hermanus to Cape Town would leave on Sunday, 14 July (here’s a rough timeline I’ve been working on).

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Good to know!

Hi @team,

I’ve been working on a schedule for the conference and co-working week, and wanted to start talking activities! I’d like to know what activities the team would like to do, so we can find a spot for them in the schedule. Please see the information below and then cast your vote on the poll!

Links and info

:shark: Shark cage diving: +/- €183 pp (40 min drive, price includes transport)
:wine_glass: Wine tasting tour: +/- €22 pp (excludes tasting fees)
:canoe: Sea kayaking: +/- €25 pp
:hiking_boot: Hiking in the mountains: Free!
:walking_man: Hiking on a path along the coast: Free!
:whale: Whale watching tour: +/- €65 pp
:diving_mask: Scuba diving: +/- €122 pp
:horse: Horse riding: +/- €32 pp
:art: Art galleries: Free!
:coffee: Saturday Country Market: Free!

Cast your vote

:point_right: Please vote for your favourite activities here. :point_left:

(I’m having some trouble with the poll feature here in the forum, so I’ve moved the vote over to Typeform.)


I believe I’ll need to head to the airport after, yes. Do the airports have showers? A lot of these activities are pretty strenuous and we can expect to be squished up in a plane for many hours afterward.

I have a room for 14 July at the Road Lodge, which claims to be within walking distance of the airport (though I don’t know whether walking there is a good idea). But you’re welcome to use my shower.

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@Fox It seems like only the lounges have showers if you have access to one of them.

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The Road Lodge is just a quick walk across the airport’s parking lot (where the rental car companies park their cars), so it should be totally fine to walk there.


@jill A quick update about walking to the Road Lodge:

I was at the airport on Sunday and inspected the situation for walking to the Road Lodge from the airport. 90% of the walk is inside the airport parking lot. You’ll go out of a gate from the parking lot, walk 2 or so minutes along a safe road, and then into the hotel. The only thing to bear in mind is that the gate is closed between 10pm and 5am, so you’d probably have to catch an Uber between the airport and hotel between those times.


Oh wow, thank you for that reconnaissance mission @Ali ! Informative and reassuring.

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@Ali Sorry, I’m a bit late to the party. There were many threads, documents, notes and so on about the conference and the coworking week and I have to catch up. I’m planning to take some days off and stay in Cape Town after 14th, though a transfer from Hermanus would be nice for sure (I’m not joining the activities on the 14th).

I have two questions tho:

  1. “The budget only allows for 2 shuttles, and only for OpenCraft team members” — what happens if we are out of shuttles budget or seats? I’m not coming alone, so I have to plan with that too.
  2. When would the “not too early” shuttle departure from Hermanus?

@gabor I’m still figuring out the best option for transport to and from Hermanus. It’s quite tricky as people are leaving at different times, and some are bringing partners, but we’ll figure it out.

  1. I will make sure that all of us (team members and partners) are accounted for in the transport to and from Hermanus. Partners will just need to pay for their seat in whichever type of transport we decide on.

  2. This will depend on when the earliest flight leaves. Currently, the earliest flight for a team member who is not attending the Cape Town day trip, is 12:50am, meaning we’d need to leave Hermanus at about 8am (to get to the airport the recommended 3 hours before the flight departs). This departure time is not final though, as not everyone has booked their flights yet.

The downside of arriving early at the airport is that some team members are only flying much later that day, so will have to wait around. But I figured that they could always leave their bags at the airport and explore CT a bit (if time allows).