2024 Open edX Conference: Talk Topics Brainstorm

@Ali Yes please.

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@braden Your wish is my command. :genie:

Do you have a client a) who is attending the Open edX Conference and b) would be willing to serve on a panel to talk about how OpenCraft has helped them?

Our talk, Client Strategy and Retention, has been approved for the July Conference.

During the session, a few Open edX clients will speak about how the best practices of their Open edX partners are helping them achieve their goals and resulting in a long term and profitable relationship.

The audience will include Open edX prospects, clients and providers. The format will be a panel discussion with a duration of 45 minutes.

Please let me know if you believe one of your clients could be a candidate to participate on the panel and if you have any questions about the session.

Thank you!


My talk wasn’t accepted as well.

I have accepted it, can you verify once :)

Yep, I can see you in Sessionize.

My talk was not selected.

Ah that reminds me that I haven’t commented here - this year neither of my two talks were selected either. First time in 10 years :cry: - but at least this way I’ll get to enjoy more the rest of the conference :slight_smile:

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Xavier, we may be able to use your help on the Client Strategy and Retention panel. Our client, Elizabeth Gordon from ASU, may not be able to attend the conference and other partners, Edunext, Edly, RaccoonGang and Abstract Technology, may also have issues. If we need to have partners serve on the panel highlighting provider best practices, it would be great to have you!

@DouglasDraper Sorry to hear that! What are their issues, generally? Cost of attending?

In any case, happy to help - what can I do to be useful?

Also, maybe we could get some to attend remotely? It can be challenging to have remote attendees (sound and video can be much harder to get right than it first seems…), but that could be a way?

We are prepared to support pre-recorded videos, but we need ample heads-up to arrange and test the proper A/V. We will not be able to support fully remote presentations.

— your friendly local conference organizer

Thanks, and sure, anything’s possible. Our plan A is real clients in the room, and at least one from OpenCraft. Real people have the advantage of not falling victim to S.A.'s “loadshedding” power issues. Plan B could be pre-recorded testimonials but I don’t think it’s as engaging. If we face the worst case and we have no live clients, I think we could do something interesting with partners themselves sharing their perspectives on best practices, all carefully vetted ahead of time.

@antoviaque Is it possible to use some of our CC hours towards preparing our talk? @Ali and I are co-presenting, and we each have 10 hours to prep, which is really minimal from a research, slide preparation and just general practising perspective. We want to put forward a really polished and interesting talk :star_struck:

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@cassie That time limit is there to avoid going overboard with the preparation :) We are all perfectionists, and 10h is already a long time, considering that what we present would be things we already do the rest of the year. So I would prefer if we kept it to 10h each talk, and invested the core contributor hours for the rest of the project.

This isn’t true in @Ali and my case, as Open edX chose one of our topics that doesn’t draw on our actual project work.

But I understand what you’re saying. Thanks you :slight_smile:

@cassie Ah, my bad, I missed considering this when I reviewed your talk proposals. If you really can’t fit it let me know how much extra time you would need - but if you can manage to fit it in 10h, I am sure it will already be great!

Looking forward to see it either way :slight_smile:

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It would definitely help if we could assign more hours :slight_smile: Thank you for considering it. The research portion of the talk has taken quite a long time. I understand if this is a big ask, but we estimate we’ll need about 10 more hours each. Would this be doable?

cc. @Ali

@cassie Can you make it work with 5h each? If not ok for 10h, but that sounds too much for a talk imho. It’s a good thing to keep in mind over the year, to think about which materials could be reused for a talk, so that the talk preparation is more about formatting it nicely, vs producing the content.


Thank you @antoviaque! And noted :slight_smile:

I just learned that our client for the Client Strategy and Retention session on Wednesday, 3 Jul from 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm (Elizabeth Gordon from ASU) is double-booked and probably cannot attend. Does anyone know of other OpenCraft clients who are attending the Conference and who may be willing to sit on a panel with 7 other individuals? The preparation will be minimal and it should be fun. They will only need to talk briefly about best practices of the OpenCraft team. Please let me know ASAP (just learned about this today) and I’ll be happy to provide all details. Thanks in advance!