Animals of OpenCraft

We may have already seen some quick peaks to other little furries but I realized that we don’t have a place to share pics of lovely pets.

Feel free to share pics of animals that you met in the street or anywhere, every animal deserve maximum amount of love. :heart:

:cat: :dog2: :fox_face: :rabbit: :hamster: :hatched_chick: :lizard: :turtle: :tropical_fish: :spider:

Here is my little doggo, Ori, 3 years old, globe trotter.

Him in his box before jumping into the airplane. He is a warrior, not even afraid.

A group of beautiful dogs and a little cute street cat we met in the morning. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please share some of yours and feel free to come here to take your dose of cuteness and happiness. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

PS: Let me know if you prefer to keep pics of your furries private, I can move this discussion.


Does the box go in the hold, or with you in the cabin? Never travelled with a pet - I’m curious. Also heard rumours of having to sedate them. Any truth to that?

And here’s Lola, as usual exactly where she shouldn’t be. :laughing: Right before I lit the fire:


It depends. You can have your pet in the cabin if your pet + the box are under 8kg (may depend on the company). If not they go in the hold in a special warmed and lightened place. It was really stressful for me to not know anything about him during the whole flight, to be honest.

For the sedate, it also depends on your pet. Mine is going crazy when he loses control of himself and became really stressed so I don’t give him anything and he is doing pretty well but some other pets may feel better when some sedate. There is nothing mandatory, it is like for humans, some people like to take some light sedate when taking a flight, some hate that, etc.

My general advice would be to not travel with pets, they clearly don’t like that. :slight_smile:

She is so cute! I know nothing about cat breeds but she is gorgeous, what kind of cat she is?
Damn it loos like a huge fire you were doing there! :laughing:

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Yeah. I tried travelling with Lola in a car for 6 hours, once. Never again, poor thing.

Thanks! She has no pedigree: just a tabby I picked up from a fisherman, couple of years ago. A street cat, but a pretty one. ;)

In Brazil it’s traditional to celebrate the winter solstice (via its catholic incarnation) with a large bonfire, hot wine and sausages, hand-held fireworks, and “cosplaying” as a rural farmhand. And that’s just what I did. My favorite yearly fest, haha


Yay, animal thread :slight_smile:

I have two guinea pigs. This is Morka. She is 5 years old.

And this one is Sami - she is a year younger.

I have hundreds of these photos :laughing:

I’m also often having flying visitors on the terrace. Usually, there are some relaxed seagulls.

Sometimes magpies - they usually bring some gifts, like sticks or rocks.

And, of course, pigeons.

I also saw a squirrel recently, but it was pretty far away, so the photo isn’t too clear.

@toxinu, we could probably move this thread to the Offtopic category.


Ah, animals are one of the rare things that I miss as a nomad – as you said @toxinu they really don’t like traveling, and in any case it’s quite tricky to achieve. :confused: I take consolation in meeting a lot of them on the way, but it’s not the same as companionship

Some years ago, I had two cats – they have passed away, but this was a nice occasion to go dig in my old pictures to introduce you to them. I think @mtyaka you might have met them, back at the time I lived with them in Paris. :slight_smile:

First, I introduce you to Dji – who is frowning at something stupid I probably did ;p

Though she could be much nicer :slight_smile:

And here is her mum, Luiza – adopted from a neighbor who was moving (and who loved to eat cat grass I was growing for her :p):


Here are my two dogs:

This one is Arnold and he doesn’t like posing for pictures too much

but loves playing in the grass:

And here is Brandon, who loves pictures

and sleeping in the main bed:


I adopted a 10-year old cat from the local shelter a few weeks ago. He’s overweight, so I called him Diet Pepsi.

And for 10 years I had a great dog named Ragout (which is the French word for stew :stew:).


I lolled. :laughing:


My household has grown again, from 0 kittens, to 1, and now 2!

Luna is the short hair, and Stella is the fluffier one. Stella is more agile (mentally and physically) than Luna, so we think she’s a bit older. Though she may just be wiser… She’s definitely teaching Luna a thing or two about stalking, ambushing, and muscling in on the food dish.


@Agrendalath You guinea pigs are so cute! Sami has an incredible haircut. :grin:

You have a very cool view from your balcony! I am kind of jealous.

This pigeon is literally thinking about the meaning of his life. :laughing:

I really love the fact that you are taking time to take pictures of random living buddies landing on your balcony, that’s so sweet.


True. I was a bit too optimistic about traveling with my dog and turned that it is way more stressful than I was expecting. Based on that I will still be traveling but more by train than airplane which is also cool. :slight_smile:

So cute! Looks kind of angry at the same time. :joy:

Arnold is just so cute. :flushed:
Are your dogs nice together? Like best buddies? :smiley:

I love how animals can feel home really quickly when they trust you. Diet Pepsi is chilling on your sofa like he was living there for years. Cute boy. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Ragout looks so proud in this photo. :man_in_tuxedo:

Damn… I am melting. Your two little furries are so cute. It took me literally 10 seconds to realize that they were both on your knees on the second picture! :heart_eyes:


Hi! I was told that I am allowed to post in this thread! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have three perfect beautiful cat sons and it’s so hard to pick one picture of each… but apparently I can only upload one picture in a post so I’ll pick one of the few pictures I managed to take of all three (the little one is fast and squirmy and doesn’t stay still around his brothers):

This is what I call the “wake up crew”, as they come every morning to beg for food. Left to right: Percy (orange, age 11); Simon (white-tipped tail, age 1); Rupert (age 10).


@sarina Glad to see you here! :)

For being only able to upload one picture, I’ve raised your account’s trust level, hopefully you should be able to post more now :p

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@sarina They are so cute! :slight_smile:

I get what you are saying with the “wake-up” crew: mine like to start running around the apartment and meowing at 5am.

Speaking of them, I just noticed that they’re missing from this forum post.

I have two cats: Lilo and Stitch. :stuck_out_tongue:
They don’t like each other that much, so this is the only picture with them together. Stitch is the fat yellow one.

Lilo mostly sleeps the entire day while Stitch does a variety of exercises, including yoga, eating our plants, eating 3d printed stuff, sitting on top of the fridge, among other things.


I have a dog, he was born with a malformed spine, so he is actually paraplegic. But nothing stops him from interacting, exploring or even (that was remarkable) swimming.


He’s so beautiful!

@pedro Your dog is adorable and you too for taking care of him. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
@giovannicimolin Stitch doesn’t like to take care of your Hashicorp Consul machine. :joy:

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Thanks :relaxed: Ah, his name is Phelps, by the way (his chest and front paws got really strong :)


:rofl: - he’s not a devops cat…

Both my refrigerator and our Consul servers are super reliable tho, 10/10 would use/buy a product with Consul in the name again.

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Some important updates regarding my dog:

Still practicing his Yoga, down dog.

Bonus, the rider: