Animals of OpenCraft

@pedro He looks adorable :slight_smile:

@giovannicimolin Lelo and Stitch, I use to love the cartoon and they do look like them :slight_smile:

@toxinu Look at the judgy looks he is passing at you, he is almost telling you, “Do Yoga, Hooman” :laughing:


He’s gorgeous, and very lucky to have a friend to take him on these adventures!

I love all your pets! Now that my team exclusively uses the Open edX slack for communication, and I’m dying for distractions, I welcome you to join the new #pets channel and spam as constantly as you’d like. :smiley:

Here’s Percy driving a train, as a gift.


That’s an excellent cat house @sarina ! So cute.

My kittens are growing up and getting huge and brave…

Here’s Luna, working out how to get down from the door he climbed up on, and more of him peering out from behind the curtains and lounging on the windowsill.

Here’s Stella, hacking my password, and sleeping upsidedown.

And both of them, fight/sleeping.