Core Committer workflow in Jira

Hi team,

We’ve made a few changes to our workflow for getting reviews from core committers:

  1. There is now a dedicated field in Jira, Core Committer. When you take on a ticket that will have an upstream contribution, please find/ask a core committer to do the review, and they can assign themselves using this field.
  2. There is a new status in Jira, Core Committer Review (shows up in the “Internal Review” column). When you are ready for the assigned core committer to review, please move the ticket to this status so they know.
  3. Perhaps the biggest change: if you are going to get a core committer review from someone on our team, you can skip the usual code review (Reviewer 1) at your discretion. So the workflow would be: code > open upstream PR > (optional Reviewer 1 review >) core committer review > edX product review if needed > merged.
    • Does this mean we don’t need to assign Reviewer 1? Maybe in the future, but for now please still assign them, as they may have more context on your epic, can help you with planning the work, will still review any non-upstream PRs, and may even still review the upstream PR if you think it’d be helpful.
    • Actually in the future as we get more core committers on the team, we may not need to distinguish between internal reviewers and core committers - though that’s a long term goal.
    • While waiting for input from edX product, still move the ticket to “External Review/Blocker”

Let me know if there are any questions!

Handbook update MR: 225

Ticket for this: MNG-1893