Adding Conventional Commits and Core Committer reviews to Pull Request processes

Hello @team,

I just created a Merge Request to add the latest changes related to Conventional Commits and the Core Committer Workflow in Jira.

Please take a look at it and feel free to comment any suggestions you have.

The ticket to log the time is SE-4234.

Thank you!


Thanks for the post @gabor!

@team Just to emphasize: if you don’t have a core committer assigned on your ticket, and you have a contribution/upstream PR, make sure to ping the OSPR liaison assignee once the ticket is reviewed. That’s either me, @jill or @gabor.

We need to prioritize your PR on the OSPR priorities document.

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@team, Since this MR is opened for a while now and I addressed all the comments, I’m planning to merge the MR by the end of the week. In case you have any suggestions to improve the content (in the scope of the ticket), please let me know by commenting on the MR by Thursday.

Thank you :pray:


FTR: Since no further questions/suggestions arrived, I did merge the PR. In case someone would like to still give suggestions, feel free to do and I’ll open another PR to adjust the documentation. :innocent: