edX developer docs - Survey & upcoming hackathon

Yesterday during the contributors meetup, Nimisha introduced a new documentation writer they are bringing at edX to help improving the state of the developer documentation.


They have prepared a survey, which they are asking to fill:

It’s a good opportunity to influence their priorities with that project. Also, if you answer the survey, can you reply here to say so, so I know how many of us replied? Thanks!


They are also organizing a documentation hackathon next sprint (Jan 25-29th), to help completing the documentation of all the feature flags. They asked if we could participate, and I promised to ask you. It would be great if we could have at least a few participants to help with that - would anyone be willing and available for it next sprint? If so, can you reply to the current post, with how many hours you would be willing to commit? This will allow me to know how many people from our end would be participating, and for how long. (The time commitment is up to you, it doesn’t need to be many hours.)

Note that this would be a perfect task to include in the core committer hours for those who are alreaday core committers – or as a way to demonstrate core committer skills and commitments for those who will be core committers soon. :)

[ Ticket to log time answering this thread & the survey ]


Just did!

Count me in for 4 hours!

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I responded. I’d also be up for four hours :slight_smile: Should we create tickets for this?

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I filled the survey and I always love any kind of contribution, so I’d like to also dedicate around 5 hours to this for next sprint

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I also responded to the survey. :slight_smile:
I am not sure if more people are needed for the Hackaton so I won’t reserve time for the next sprint at this time.

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This is great news, but I’m on holiday during that time. Do wish we could have had more notice! :pouting_cat:

Responded to the survey, though.

Yep! Use the OC-CONTRIBUTIONS account.

@antoviaque Is there an hours cap on this?

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Answered the survery :+1:
Provided my email at the end too :slight_smile:

I hope there isn’t a limit to the number of participants :thinking:
If there isn’t, I’d love to use 6 to 8 hours to participate.

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I have filled the survey and provided my email address as well.

If tasks permit I would like to commit to somewhere around 6-7 hours for the docathon :stuck_out_tongue:

Do we create tickets for this in the coming sprint?

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Answered the survey.

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Answered the survey too :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you! :smiley:

+1 to creating the tickets - they probably will need refining next week once we have more details on how it will be organized, but it will be useful to have them in the sprint already.

No hour limit on my side, just be careful that it doesn’t jeopardize your cell’s availability (ie still prioritize tasks from epics that had been planned for this month, only use extra availability for this), or sustainability (the contributions account is a cell account, so this will count against the cell’s sustainability ratio). For core committers, this can simply be part of your 20h/month.

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I had filled it on Monday.

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I answered it.

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I answered the survey but the questions didn’t seem very helpful IMHO.

Seems like lots of people have already volunteered for the feature toggles, so I’ll focus my contributions this month on something else.

@braden If you think there are better questions that haven’t been asked, that could end up being the best contribution to mention them? Or do you think that wouldn’t be helpful either?

OK, that’s a good point. I posted on https://discuss.openedx.org/t/help-us-improve-the-open-edx-developer-docs/3975/6?u=braden about that.

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Filled the form :blush:

I don’t know my availability for the next sprint (yet), but if I’ll have time for it, I could take 2-3 hours as well.

Quick reminder to those who want to participate to the docathon next week, that today is the cutoff to add a task in your upcoming sprint.

They have started adding some details about it on the wiki: https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/pages/2248409171/Toggles+and+Settings+Doc-a-thon+2021


I’m in! SE-3980.

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Me too! https://tasks.opencraft.com/browse/SE-3988

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