edX to adopt "Conventional Commits"

Just saw this announcement on the Open edX forum, and figured I’m probably not the only one who missed it :slight_smile:

OEP-51: Conventional Commits

There’s 1 week remaining to comment on OEP-51 before it’s accepted.

Ticket to log time: FAL-1691
But even if you have no comments or changes to request, it’s a good idea to read through this so we can adopt the new rules for our upstream OSPRs.


This is going to be particularly useful for automatically generating a reasonably useful changelog between releases. For one, I’m hoping it’ll help the release working group put out release notes sooner. :sweat_smile:


It’s nice, isn’t it? Unobtrusive too.

Since it’s becoming edX’s standard commit format, should we implement it for OpenCraft too?


I would support such an initiative. ;)

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I still think that the best guide to commit messages is this article: https://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/ - very simple to follow and implement, and produces useful, readable commit messages.

As for adopting it ourselves, maybe we could start with thinking about writing good commit messages first, rather than going from no rules to an extensive framework? One can write good messages without labels, !’, UPPERCASE TAGS:, or shudders emoji.

on the edX OEP side, I’m optimistic because I’m hoping this will result in less cases where large changes have been made and there is a one line commit message and a PR with no description. Although, there currently isn’t anything in the spec that asks to explain why a change was made, so we may just end up with more verbose commit messages that don’t tell us anything. :confused:

Btw, can we make the current thread public? This shouldn’t be anything that would contain information private to clients?

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Most of the time I’m using or trying to use conventional commits, so I’m up for it :blush:

Ah yes! I wanted it to be an Announcement because the timeline for reviewing the OEP was short (this week). But now that it’s announced, I’ll move the whole thread to Discussions - Public.

@jill Thanks!

And there should be also a “Announcements - Public” category for cases like this. Let me know if you don’t see that category though?

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FYI OEP-51 Conventional Commits has now been merged!

I’ve created FAL-1732 for next sprint to incorporate this into our handbook’s PR process for edX OSPRs, and to also clarify the core committers and OSPR liaison steps.

Any cell is welcome to grab that task if they want to do it :slight_smile: