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My mind was wandering and I was thinking that sometime I just want to say that I am in a good mood, or that I feel happy. We often decide where and when we can say things that are not doing well but what about kind words? Maybe we can use this thread to write down positive and good things that are wandering in our mind.

I am feeling very happy to have joined the team. Last years I lost more and more pleasure for coding and working in a team. But joining OpenCraft and you’all really makes me in a good mood. It was many years ago since I haven’t woken up and just feeling good at starting to work. :slight_smile:


@toxinu This is a lovely idea! I am glad to hear you’re enjoying working here and with us, and that you start each day with a smile!

I often tell people how much I love working at OpenCraft, but I don’t say it here enough. Often it’s to justify why I can’t make it out to lunch or go diving on a Thursday morning, so it’s definitely had an impact on my social life. But all my previous jobs were easy 9-5s, usually a stretch to a full 5 days a week, and honestly, not that much of a challenge.

But every day at OpenCraft, I am pushed harder. Not just to learn new technologies, but to master them. Not just to be a better at DevOps, but to be better at communicating, project managing, time managing, mentoring, everything. And it is so satisfying to know that almost everything we do makes it out to the world as open source, where anyone can see and use it. LabXchange and McKinsey excepted unfortunately, but even those projects have some improvements sent back into the world.

This is the best, fastest, smartest, kindest team I’ve ever worked with, and I’m glad to be here!


Agreed, this is a great idea! :smile:

Likewise, I feel so fortunate to have a job with such an awesome team, working on cool projects, and without having to move out of my home town! I’ve learnt so much over the last few months and enjoy starting work every day for the next challenge. :slight_smile:


What a thoughtful idea @toxinu! :slight_smile: I agree with jill and samuel. This is one of the best teams I’ve worked with! Each person in the team is an inspiration to me and I’m so glad to be a part of it. :slight_smile:


@toxinu That’s a lovely thread, indeed! :slight_smile: It’s good to hear this. We often spend more time talking about things to improve, since that’s more challenging, but it’s also good to reflect on things that go well yep :slight_smile:

It’s also a great pleasure, and a great pride, to be working with such a talented and kind bunch. Definitely the best team I’ve had the chance to be part of :blush:


This is the first team I’ve worked with so saying it’s the best team is like me telling my only sister that she’s the best sister I have, which to be fair I do :-).

That said, I agree with everything said here. I definitely think we have a great thing going here! I’m especially, and pleasantly surprised that we have that on a team that is completely remote, across multiple time-zones that only meets once a week!


Time is going too fast and it is already mostly one year since I have joined the OpenCraft fabulous team and just want to say that without any doubt it is my best career choice! I am so happy to work with all of you folks, I have never experienced such a good place to work and had as much nice people around me.

Take care of you all! :raised_hands:


Congratulations on 1y @toxinu :tada:

It’s been fabulous having you on the team, and I’m enjoying having an overlapping timezone too!

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It’s been fabulous having you on the team, and I’m enjoying having an overlapping timezone too!

@jill Every day when I am seeing you and Samuel on Mattermost, I say to myself: “Woaw you should have been lonely to be alone on this side of the Earth at OpenCraft…”. And it is kinda fun to have the Mattermost only for us for a short time. :grin:


Just thought of bringing this back, considering so many are feeling stressed out. It’s a crazy time we’re living in, each one fighting their own battles. I just wanted to tell you, yes, you. The one reading this. I think you’re amazing! :heart:


Thanks a loads for doing this @pooja :slight_smile: Means a lot and sending you more positivity and respect. And yes, you are amazing :slight_smile:


Yep, this team is indeed amazing. I’m impressed on a daily basis, really :sunglasses:


You warmed my heart, @pooja!

And I concur – OpenCraft has the world’s best and brightest, but also the kindest and most considerate people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.


Agreed @pooja, this is something to celebrate and remember more! It’s a true privilege to be working with such amazing colleagues. :slight_smile:


I shared this message on #Falcon but I felt like I also wanted to share it with the whole team. :slight_smile:

Every week when I watch all our sprint update videos, I found it incredible that we are able to produce this amount of very well done work, without even doing 121 or meetings all the time and without any major delay issues, no drama, and all of that with nice people. :fire: :heart:


With everything that’s going on in the world right now (COVID cases and deaths mounting, oxygen tank-related fires, inequitable distribution of vaccines, rise of totalitarianism, climate change…stopping now lest this turn into a negative post…), I just want to say that my heart goes out to every one of you, wherever you are in the world, and for everything you and your loved ones are facing.

It’s remarkable that the quality of our work and the thoughtfulness of our interactions continue as they have, and worth celebrating. To everyone who is suffering stress and worry and heartache, I hope you know that it’s not just you that is struggling, it’s the whole world. Give yourself some grace, and I hope you can take some moments to enjoy the good things that are all around us.

:peace_symbol: :heart: :sunflower: :earth_asia:


It is not a coincidence that I opened and read this thread again on my last working day. Thank you everyone for everything! :heart: :peace_symbol:


This last year has been such a roller coaster, a lot of nice people left, and a lot of new projects, some of them stopped or are about to stop, we changed a lot of internal workflows, and I am pretty sure I forgot even more things but I am always amazed to be part of such a nice team, full of lovely people. :heart:


Every time I read this thread, I have this warm feeling in my heart. I feel grateful about working with such amazing and talented pool of people and yet enjoy the independence to take a decision, talk to clients and make time for myself and family. I don’t say this enough, “Thank you all for making OpenCraft such an amazing company to work for”.


I’m feeling moved to post here today, because I’m so excited that I get to see/meet so many of you in the next few weeks! OpenCraft is such a special place to work, and being able to make a living building open source software is privilege. But what makes OpenCraft so unique is the people it attracts: brilliant, reliable, conscientious, kind people who are a joy to work with and to know.

I am so looking forward to seeing everybody! And to everyone who can’t make it this year, I will miss you, and hope to see you next year. :sunny: