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I just received this email:

Hi all,

I share with you the information about a survey launched by the EC to get insights about NGI and decide future strategies (you can participate and also share among your contacts): EUSurvey - Survey open until 30 November 2021.

Also, they are organising an Open workshop “Next Generation Internet (NGI) - Next steps” on 18 November 2021, 9.00-13.00 CET, open to all where no registration is needed.

Next Generation Internet (NGI) - Next steps | Next Generation Internet

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Which is part of the answer to your question “How do you find out about funding opportunities ?”… through friends and chance :roll_eyes: I suppose attending this workshop is a way to get oriented for 2022.



Thanks for the heads-up, @loic . This looks to be at 2AM for me, so I’ll probably sit this one out. That’s OK, though-- I don’t know that I’ll have the mental space for this beyond the current grant for a while. Let’s nail that first. :slight_smile:

@loic Thanks! NGI is the organization that you had mentioned were smart technically, and understood free software well right?

Since this might be the entrance door to getting in the projects for 2022, it sounds useful to attend. It’s also pretty late for me now, but slightly more reasonable (22h-2am), so I’ll see if I can attend it.

PS: @Fox it might be worth starting a thread to explain what those EU grants are, so that others reading this know what we are talking about :slight_smile: I know you’re still working on the discovery now so it doesn’t need to be a full explanation, but something that gets the ball rolling would be good, and then you can add details later once you’re ready?

@antoviaque I have created a new forum thread here. :)

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NGI is funding both NLnet (the smart one) and DAPSI.

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