Proposed Maintenance/Maintainership Policy

It seems that someone has already volunteered to maintain openedx/frontend-app-account.

I can volunteer for maintaining openedx/RecommenderXBlock.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, but I don’t think I would be comfortable taking maintenance of any repo at this point as I have been trouble keeping up with existing responsibilities at times.

I’m interested in maintaining openedx/completion and openedx/edx-drf-extensions however the first one was tagged by @jill as well. If we don’t want to have more than 1 member maintaining a repo from OC, I’m happy to maintain only edx-drf-extensions. Any thoughts on this, or may I proceed to volunteer?

There’s nothing wrong with having two maintainers if you both think that makes sense. In fact, it can help. It just depends on if there’s an urgent need for maintainers for other repos, or if they’re mostly covered now.

FYI @pooja is already a core contributor on completion, so that would make 3 OpenCrafters there.

Saw this message today on Slack for another repo that we might want to look at:

Zach Hancock: [inform] Our team at 2U will be stepping away from our role as owner/maintainers for the LTI consumer code in edx-platform (GitHub - openedx/xblock-lti-consumer). If any group is interested in taking this over I’d be happy to help figure out next steps to hand off.

Oh, In this case, I would simply pick only openedx/edx-drf-extensions as I’m already a maintainer in the k8s-harmony project that consumes a big amount of my time right now (and if a review is needed, that consumes a lot too).

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Hi all,

My task is to go through the Release Repos spreadsheet and find maintainers first for the Pri 1 repos (then we’ll iterate, go to Pri 2, etc). Looking at repos that OpenCraft has expressed interest in, I would like to know if you’ll be signing up for the following repos:


Additionally, OpenCraft and others have expressed interest in the following repos; if you’re still interested, please let me know and I will start conversations between you and the interested teams:

openedx/frontend-app-learner-dashboard (2U, eduNEXT, possibly Axim)
openedx/openedx-test-course (eduNEXT)
openedx/frontend-build (eduNEXT)


ETA: Please see this post about Pri1 repos that no one has claimed :sob: Seeking Maintainers: Priority 1 Repos - Maintainers - Open edX discussions


Tagging @michellephilbrick to this thread, as well.

@sarina Thanks for participating here and sorry the status of everything is a bit messy.

paragon - @braden and @kshitij are interested but not sure we’re ideal candidates. If nobody else has stepped forward we can take it on for now. (@kshitij is that right?)

frontend-platform - @braden can be a maintainer here, sure.

RecommenderXBlock - @navin can you confirm you’re ready to take on maintainership?

brand-openedx - @Ali and @cassie are interested in reviewing PRs and decisions related to the upcoming theme revamp but I’m not sure anyone has the capacity to take on maintainership of the code repo yet. Team, please let me know if someone is interested.

openedx/frontend-app-learner-dashboard (2U, eduNEXT, possibly Axim)
openedx/openedx-test-course (eduNEXT)
openedx/frontend-build (eduNEXT)

Sounds like you have great maintainers for those. If we find we’re contributing to some of these a lot in the future, I think we should onboard as CCs where it makes sense, but I don’t think there’s any need to push for us to be co-maintainers for now.

Unfortunately most of those remaining ones are low priority for our clients or otherwise not things we want to invest in maintaining. One that stands out though is edx-rest-api-client - maybe someone here is interested in maintaining that? (Related: It would be nice to set a future direction to develop it into a proper API client with typed methods like enroll_user() auto-generated from the OpenAPI schema)


@sarina Oh, I missed one more:

edx-organizations - @farhaan would like to take this one on.

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Yes. :rocket:

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@braden @sarina

I can do edx-rest-api-client besides openedx/edx-drf-extensions (though I still need to volunteer) if that helps.

Yes, that is correct.

Hi @gabor! Just want to confirm if you’re still willing to take these? edx-rest-api-client openedx/edx-drf-extensions

Hi @cassie and @Ali! Just checking in on this.

Hey @michellephilbrick, Ali and I would love to review PRs for brand-openedx. Can you let me know what we need to do to get involved?

Hi everyone - sorry for the late reply.

If you’re already a CC on the repo(s) you’re volunteering for, I think you can go ahead and claim maintainership by updating catalog-info.yaml in your repo. Otherwise, you should go through the nomination process to become a CC on the repo - in your nomination post, you should indicate that you also wish to be a maintainer. And - you’re totally allowed to nominate yourself.

Let me know if you have any questions!

@michellephilbrick Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I’m still willing to take these.

Hi Cassie! Just making sure you saw Sarina’s message above. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

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