Tutorial: Utilizing Dashboards for Sprint Planning Checklists in Monday.com

Now that the sprint planning checklists have been moved to Monday.com, it’s important to utilize dashboards to gain an overview of the progress of the members in your cell.

In order to assist with that, I have created a video to guide you through creating the dashboards I find helpful as sprint planning manager.

I hope you find this helpful

[ Log time on SE-4095 ]


How do I access this? I logged in to Monday.com but it just created a blank account for me; I don’t see any of these things.

@braden It looks like you hadn’t yet been invited to the Monday.com team - I’ve just done that. You should have got a notification from Monday.com I think, and should now be able to access for example https://opencraft.monday.com/workspaces/444868 ?

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Now I’m in, thanks!